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Clutch Prep is a free educational website for college students that helps to get video tutorials for their college textbooks. It provide videos tutorials (or guides) for Physics, Calculus, Chemistry, Organic, and Calculus subject. For each subject, multiple textbooks are available to choose from. And for each textbook, dozens of videos are available. Videos are added to keep the thing in mind that they should match with users college textbooks.

You can add any book to your free Clutch Prep account and explore video chapters in that book. Even more, this website also lets you download a PDF file for each video chapter.

Clutch Prep- free educational website

In screenshot above, you can see textbooks added so far by this website for different subjects.

If the textbook that your college follows is available in the database, then its well and good. If not, then you can take help of other related books. According to website, they are in the process of adding more textbooks. So you can make use of available books and can also use a book named as “Superbook” for each subject. This book is provided by the website.

get Superbook for each individual subject

Some other similar websites: Knowmia and Biblionasium.

How To Use This Free Educational Website To Get Video Tutorials for College Textbooks?

Go to the homepage of this website using the link present at the end of this review. After this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create your free Clutch Prep account. You can use Google or Facebook account. Or else, simply register with your name, email, and password.

sign up

Step 2: After creating your account, you need to select a subject. Total 5 subjects have been added so far. Biology subject will also be added in future.

select your subject

If your subject is not listed here, you can also send request to add your subject(s) using ‘DON’t SEE YOUR SUBJECT?’ button. You will be notified through your email account when that subject will be added.

Step 3: In this step, you need to enter name of your college/school to fetch textbooks. Just enter few keywords for your college and suggestions will be provided to you.

enter your college name

Select your college and it will fetch textbooks for you.

If none of the suggested textbooks are followed in your college, then you can also explore all the books available in the database of this website. After this, you can select any required book to be added to your account.

select a textbook

Step 4: Once the textbook is added to your account, it will show you list of available video chapters in that textbook. See the screenshot below:

list of chapters in a textbook

With each chapter, video link is provided. You can click that link and you will be able to play the video. Video can be paused and volume level can also be set easily.

play video tutorial

You can complete your video tutorial and can start another one. Day by day, it will help you a lot to make you understand the concepts and make your study easier.

Important Features:

  • Just below each video tutorial, Questions section is provided so that you can ask question related to videos. However, answer is not guaranteed. May be other users can answer your questions.
  • While viewing video of a particular chapter, it lets you provide list of other topics associated with that chapter at right side. PDF printout option is also provided to you to download PDF file of current video.

download PDF file of video tutorial

  • Provides search feature to search a particular topic present in your textbooks.
  • You can select textbook of different subjects to add into your account. However, only one book of each individual subject can be added at a time. But you can change the textbook whenever required. Use Settings button to add textbooks.

add subjects and textbook


Clutch Prep is surely a beneficial educational website as more than 50 thousand hours of video material is available. However, it would become more valuable when more subjects will be added with plenty number of notebooks.

Try Clutch Prep free.

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