Free Website Analytics Tool to Record User Sessions with Clicks, Activities

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FullStory is a free website analytics tool to record user session with clicks, activities. It gets integrated in your website and then records all the activities and user sessions on your website. In the free version, it can record up to 1000 sessions per month and then shows you the report. It records the video from the user end and shows that to you. In the video, you can see how user interacted with your website. You can see the details of the user like the page he was browsing, IP address, location on map and mouse clicks. It just asks you to put a simple code snippet in the head section of your website and then takes care of the rest of the process by itself.

If you want to understand your customers and users on your website, then FullStory is for you. The free version is not bad for you if you don’t have many visitors on your website. Apart from just seeing the user videos, you can see other stats of the users as well. This tool shows you the rage click and dead clicks too. After analyzing those clicks on your website, you can decide what parts for your website you have to work more in order to engage more users. In addition to all this, FullStory also offers team collaboration. In the free version, you can collaborate with three of your teammates by sharing the different user sessions and add notes to them for the understanding.

Free Website Analytics Tool to Record User Sessions with Clicks, Activities

Using Free Website Analytics Tool to Record User Sessions with Clicks, Activities:

Using this online tool is very easy to record the activities of your customers on your website. I have already told you in the beginning that all you have to do is put a small code snippet in your website to receive data about the user. After that you can extract data from the powerful dashboard of the website that it offers.

Go to the homepage of FullStory and then sign up for a free account. After that, proceed with the sign in process and then fill the necessary forms that it asks. After signing up, on the first page it will show you the code snippet that you have to put in the head section of your site. If you are using WordPress, then it will be much easier to do that.

FullStor code for website tracking

After setting up the code in your website you will start receiving the stats in a few seconds. On the main dashboard of the website, you will see the list of user sessions in order along with the number of events in those sessions. Also you can also see if the user was male or female.

full story dashboard with user session stats

You can open any session from the main interface and then see the video of the entire session. In the video you can see what a user was doing and on which web page of your website. In addition to this, you can also see the details about the users like IP address, location on map, etc.

FullStory user session video

If you want to share any user session with one of my teammates then you can do that. This is helpful if you want to discuss something on a specific event in a user session video. For that you can use the share button below the video and then add notes to it and generate link that you can share.

The link that is generates can even be shared with the guest users. However you will have to assign some domains in your settings to let guest users access the user sessions data by registering their corporate email address.

FullStory share user session video

In this way you can use this powerful website analytics tool to record user sessions with click, activities. All you have to do is put a simple code snippet on your website to start receiving the details about the users and customers. The tool will help you analyze what steps to take in order to increase the user engagement on your website.

Closing thoughts

FullStory is really a very powerful and a must tool that you should have on your website if you want to build good relationships with your customers and uses. It will surely help you decide what changes you should do on your website to make the users stay on it and increase the overall conversion rate. So if you are looking for some free website analytics tool, then FullStory is a very good option to try.

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