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ScissorFly is a web clipper or web organizer which is used to organize your content on the web. This app is very useful in creating and gathering data from the web and arranging the whole on one page for reference and future use.

This app allows you to clip any thing and in any lay out. What ever you clip gets saved on a single board, you can create as many boards as you want and as many clips can be added to a single board. Sounds a lot like Pinterest.

On home page you can also see all the changes you have made or all the clips you have taken from different or same pages individually.

scissorFly-Homepage-add new board

By clicking on “Add a New Clip” you can also add content to a new clip from your computer. You can see the screen shot below:

scissorFly-add new clip

This web app is still in beta version, so there may be some more changes in the near future.

Web Clipper:

Many times it happens that the data we need is not present on a single page, but we need to surf the web for what we need. The main purpose of this web clipper is to get clips from the web of anything you like. It can be anything from simple text to image, or even a map or a YouTube clip. So this web app keeps you organized. Like when planning a trip to somewhere you can add the details on one page and all related data will be shown on one page like your tickets, the timings of flight and your hotel information.

The web clipper is also very useful for students in case of projects, the data from different pages can be easily seen on one page and then later students can write an essay on data collected or can present the whole in the form of report.

Start Web Clipping:

To start with web clipping you just need to install this web app on your Chrome browser as app or as an extension. When you install this app you will see a scissor icon in your bookmarks bar. Now when ever you need to clip and gather data from the internet you just need to click on that icon and you will see some options like shown below.


ScissorFly gives you some nice options to clip from the web. The options given by ScissorFly are Image, Rectangle, Screen, Scissor & My Board.

With Rectangle, you can select any area on the page in rectangular shape. It could be image from any web page or text. You can see the screen shot below. You can activate this by using “Alt+R”

ScissorFly-rectangular clipping

Screen is a very useful tool when you want to capture the screen shot of whole screen of a website for reference or further use. You can also activate this screenshot by using  “Alt+C”. Screen shot of captured file as seen on my home page of ScissorFly can be seen below:

ScissorFly-screen shot

With the help of Image,  you can directly clip images from any website. When you select Image tab from the given options of ScissorFly, it shows all the images available on that page. Now you can select the images which you want to clip from that website. You can activate this by “Alt+G”. Here you can see the same in the given screen shot.

ScissorFly- Image clipper.

Scissor is absolutely funny tool to clip required data from the internet. This tool allows you to cut the required data in any shape and this also allows you to clip only relevant data so that you need not mess with the irrelevant data. You can also activate it by using “Alt+S”. Here is the screenshot:


My Board; here you can see all the clips you have made for a single Board or for a selected board. There are some other options like “Recent Clips” and “Recent Boards”. So here you can get a fast recap of what changes you have made recently. From Option tab you can change the board to which you want to add the clip (choose this before clipping the web page).

Here are the features of ScissorFly:

  • Can add as many boards or clips.
  • You can also add text to the board.
  • Can move the clips within the board or you can simply drag and drop the clip from one board to other.
  • You can change the size of clipped image anytime (while editing).
  • Allows you to add videos from “YouTube.”
  • Can also add maps from Google Maps (While testing, the map function was not working properly, maybe because it is still in beta version. So I hope in future version it will work properly).
  • Can delete any clip or board any time.
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

The Final Note:

This is a very nice app for web organizing. You can clip any thing from any where on the web and also upload from your computer. With the help of this app you can also clip any thing from image to text and in any shape. You can also manage sharing on ScissorFly, whether you want to share it with all or just want to keep it to your self. Also allows you to share it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

This app is good for all from students to professionals in making projects, as this app arranges all your data in one page. Also this app is free and easy, so get started with clipping. As this app is in beta mode so you can expect better features in future version of this web app.

Check this web app here.

Check this app on Google Chrome Store as extension here or bookmark it here.

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