Free Travel Guide For Different Countries, Other Information At One Place

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Here, I have covered a website which works as a free travel guide for different countries. The website is called BYG (Before You Go). Now before visiting new places, you can check what country suits your traveling. The site has more than 70+ countries to explore. Also, you can analyze what all places are best for Visa-free entry, safe for women, fast mobile networks, tax-free shopping, long stays, gay-friendly countries, etc. Apart from that, you can know about information that consists of climate, exchange rates, country code, road trip, health risks, required vaccines, emergency, safety, culture, etc.

When you visit a new country, it is common to take help from tourist guides. But that is just another expenditure out of your pocket. Using this free travel guide online service, you may get little details and precautions about a country for free. If you want to view top sights and places to have food in a new country, then you can read this article.

Check places before you leave

The image above covers details about Austria. You can see that the country requires you to have a international driving license for driving. Similarly, it tells you other precautions also. The site is easy to navigate. It helps you to understand which country is good to visit that can be suitable for your interest and safety.

Free travel guide for different countries and other information at one place

Find popular countries to visit

When you visit the website named BYG (Before You Go), you will see the popular destinations drop down box in the center of the screen. As you can see in the image above, the popular destinations have the country names such as Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas, Caribbean, Arabia, and Oceania.

Apart from that, you can find other countries which include Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom and so on.

Find countries according to the purpose

The best thing about this site is that you can discover countries according to your interest and travel style. The above image has the categorization of multiple purposes. There are 11 types of purpose which include Women, Visa-free, Mobile Speed, Long Stays, Tax-free shopping, Honeymoons, Tropical Vacations, etc. Clicking on each category tells you what all countries are best for a particular purpose.

For example, If you want to visit those countries where Visa is not required then you can click on Visa-free category. It displays more than 50 countries where tourist visa is free for travelers.

Get details about the place

Also, you can click on any country name to know about it in details. Doing so, you get information regarding the place. For example, you can know about the temperature, maximum stay, mobile speed, climate, health risks, required vaccinations, safety and a lot more. You can get these details altogether in one page.

You can find gay-friendly places where LGBTQ travelers can roam around without being criticized. You can de-stress yourself by searching for countries that are safe for women or find countries, where you can do tax-free shopping.

In brief

Now you don’t need to search for places for different pieces of information. Using this site, you can focus on those travel destinations that are good and suits your travel style. Try this site and check about the place before you head to any new country.

Click here.

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