Free Email Verification Service by GMass

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Gmass has announced a free Email Verification Service that offers two different ways to verify email addresses. One method is using Gmass web-based verifier that can help you extract email addresses from text and verify them to filter out the invalid email addresses. This method allows you to verify up to 10,000 emails at a time. Here are 6 free bulk email verification websites that you can use for the same purpose.

Another method is using Gmass Chrome extension that lets you verify email addresses within Gmail. This is really helpful in email campaigns as it validates the emails directly when you send the campaign and skips the invalid ones from your email campaign. You can further connect a Google Sheets with email addresses to your Gmail and update the verification results to the Google Sheets. However, this method limits you to 50 email verifications in 24 hours. You can also do the same within Google Sheets using this free add-on.

Free Email Verification Service by GMass

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Verify Emails with GMass Email Verification Service

Here are step-by-step guides on how you can use both these methods to verify email addresses for free.

Verify Email on GMass Website

gmail email extraction and verification

To verify email addresses on the web, simply visit this link to Email Extractor and Verifier tool by Gmass. It welcomes you with a text box where you can paste the email addresses that you want to verify. If you have a document with email addresses, you can paste the plain text here and this tool extracts all the email addresses from the text using AI.

Once done, it lists all the extracted email addresses below the text. From there, you can run the validation on those email addresses. As soon as you start the validation, it starts updating the verified status for each email address. After the verification, you can copy the results as recipient lists with an option to include first names as well.

Gmass web email verification

This free email verification service by Gmass uses two methods to verify the email; syntax checking algorithm and a mail server check. Based on the results of the mail server check, it also provides proof of validation for verified email addresses. You can read more about that here.

Verify Emails in Gmail

Gmass gmail email verification

The method to verify emails within Gmail does limit you to 50 checks per 24 hours but it is handy for small email campaigns. To use this method, first, you have to install the Gmass Mail Merge extension for Gmail. After installing this extension, you get a Gmass button in your Gmail compose box next to Send. Head to the Gmail and compose your email. Finalize your email and add up to 50 recipients. After that, click on the Gmass button from the bottom (you have to log in to Gmass with your Gmail account). This opens a Gmass mail merge popup on your screen. Go to the Advanced section on that popup and check the “verify email before sending” option. Doing this automatically skips the invalid emails and send your email to the valid email addresses only.

Update Email Verification Data to Google Sheets

You can also use this extension to update email verification data to Google Sheets. To do that, create a new Google Sheets to the same Google account with your Gmail. Simply paste the email addresses that you want to verify in the sheets. Do note that, this method is limited to 50 email verifications in 24 hours so it will only check the first 50 email addresses from the list.

email verification sheet

After creating the Google Sheets, head to the Gmail. In the Gmail, you get two new options added by the Gmass extension. Click the first option that looks like a sheet-icon named “Connect to an email list in Google Sheet“.

connect email sheets in gmail

This opens a popup on your screen asking you to pick the Google Sheet with email addresses. At this point, you may have to login again as it needs new permission to read and write to your Google Sheet. Pick your Google Sheet in the popup and check the “Update Sheet with reporting data” option. Then, click the “Connect to Spreadsheet” button to proceed further.

pick the sheet with email addresses

After that, a compose window opens on your screen with a new message. This has all the email addresses (up to 50) from the sheets added as recipients. It shows all the recipients in single addresses but you can expand it to check the full list.

set Gmass to verifiy email

The rest is the same, add your message and click the Gmass button from the bottom. Again, this opens a Gmass popup, head to the Advanced option, and check “Verify emails before sending”.

email verification data updated in sheet

This time when you send the email, it will run the verification on each email address and won’t send emails to invalid ones. After that, it will automatically update the verification results to the Google Sheets. It creates a new column next to email addresses and marked the invalid addresses there.

Wrap Up

This new free email verification service by Gmass allows you to check up to 10,000 emails at once and you can do more than that in the batches of 10,000. This is a great offering that you would rarely find in any other competitors. Along with that, the ability to verify email addresses within Gmail is handy. It is limited to 50 emails in 24 hours but if you really like the feature, you can extend that limit with a subscription. The subscription will also come with mail merge with Google Sheets, automatic follow-ups, advanced personalize, bypass Gmail limit, recurring automated campaigns, and much more.

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