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HTML-909 is a free online alternative to Roland TR-909 to compose rhythm online. If you love music composition or you’re a music lover, then you might have heard of Roland TR-909. If not then let me tell you about it. It is an analog drum machine used to compose rhythm online. It offers a “Drum” kit and a “Step Sequencer” with 16-composition steps. The drum kit includes various sounds such as handclap, rim shot, bass drum, low tom, snare drum, mid tom, ride cymbal, high tom, hi-hat, and crash cymbal.

The cymbal and hi-hat integrates with a tuning element “Volume Envelope Curve” in order to enable slight modification. It also lets you easily modify aspects like decay, attack, and pitch of drum sounds. But the best feature of this tool is the “Step Sequencer’ which lets you create and boost drum patterns with ease.


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How to Compose Rhythm online using HTML-909:

Step 1: Simply visit the homepage of this tool and start composing your rhythm instantly. No registration or sign up is required.

Step 2: At the top of the screen, you will see the drum kit with various sound elements like rim shot, hi-hat, etc. For each element, you can control and adjust the tune, level, or decay.

drum kit

Step 3: Below the drum kit, there will be various options such as play, stop, tempo & volume controller, and track & pattern controller.


Step 4: At the bottom of the main window, there is the 16-step “Step Sequencer”. They correspond or represent the 16th notes of a single rhythm bar. You can choose any drum sound and hit buttons on the sequencer to create your favorite beats.


Step 5: When the sequencer is active, you will see a light running from step 1 to 16th step. HTML-909 can save the entire song with multiple parts of the composition.

Step 6: When you’re done with creating your favorite rhythm or beats, you can simply save them online for later use.

My Final Verdict:

This is definitely one of the best online alternatives to Roland TR-909. Composing rhythm has never been easier. If you don’t own a real Rhythm Composer, then you don’t have to worry anymore to compose your favorite rhythms. Simply use “HTML-90” and experience a virtual form of rhythm composer.

Try “HTML-909” from here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 11 Average: 4.5]
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