How to See Top 1000 GitHub Repositories Based on Stars, PRs, Issues

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In this article we will be instructing how you can easily browse the top 1000 GitHub Repositories based on Stars, Issues and Pull Requests (PRs) using a free online tool called Top 1000 Repos.

Using ‘Top 1000 Repos’, you can view the top PRs and Issues that have been closed in the last 12 months of each Repo and filter out the Repos based on certain topics. Additionally, you can easily hide the repos that you may not need, and they will stay hidden every time you open the page. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest activity in the repositories you’re interested in.


1. Click on this link to navigate to ‘Top 1000 Repos’. You are not required to register for any free account to use this product.

2. Observe that you will be immediately navigated to the Top GitHub Repositories.


3. You will find that the Topics of each Repo are also displayed. These topics relate to the intended purpose of the project, subject area, affinity groups and other important qualities of the project.

Repo Topics

4. To exclude any topic from the Top GitHub Repos list, just click on it and observe that all Repos with that topic will be dimmed. The excluded topics along with the number of dimmed Repos will be displayed towards the left. You can click on them once again to include them.

Excluded Topics

5. You can use the Numbering toggle switch at the left to arrange the Repos based on Rank or Order.

Numbering and Sorting

6. You can also sort the Repos based on Stars, PRs and Issues by using the corresponding toggle button towards the left.

7. You can click on any Repo in the list to navigate to it in another browser tab. Additionally, you can view the Top closed PRs and Top closed Issues in the last 1 year by clicking on the corresponding links below any Repo in the list.

Top issues and PRs

8. The Last Commit of the Repo will be clearly visible below it. You can hover your mouse cursor over it to view the precise date of the commit.

Last Commit

9. If you wish to Hide certain Repos that you are not interested in, click the corresponding button to its right.

Hide Repo

10. All the hidden repos can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Hidden’ link at the top of the page. You must remember that they will remain hidden every time you open the page. You can click on the ‘Remove’ button to unhide them and they will again be visible in the list.

Hidden Repos

Closing Comments:

‘Top 1000 Repos’ is a great tool for any GitHub user as it easily and swiftly helps you to locate best repositories for your requirements. Sorting the list based on Stars, Issues and Pull Requests is a very helpful feature of this tool. The application is very handy for developers who are quite busy, do not have time to receive updates through social media platforms, but want to stay updated about the latest tools and features.

Click here to visit ‘Top 1000 Repos’. To access the source code of the application, click here.

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