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StumbleUpon! is a free official app for accessing StumbleUpon from your iPhone. The app lets you access StumbleUpon in an easy and categorized manner. The StumbleUpon app makes a great use of all the touch gestures available on iPhone which makes surfing StumbleUpon contents effective.

StumbleUpon is a popular service where users can share articles, web pages from all over the World and even rate the contents shared by other users. It is one of the best services to discover new and interesting post from around the globe. The posts discovered through StumbleUpon are known as Stumble. These Stumbles can prove to be knowledge booster as well as entertaining. You can surf the content on StumbleUpon from different categories like: Gadgets, Cars, Politics, Drawings, Arts, Computer Graphics, etc.

If you are looking for StumbleUpon for Android, then click here.


Using StumbleUpon App For iPhone:

You can get StumbleUpon app for iPhone either by searching on iTunes App Store or by clicking on link provided at the end of review. To begin using StumbleUpon app, sign-in with your StumbleUpon account. After signing in to your account, you will see the home screen of the app similar to the one shown in screenshot below.

StumbleUpon homepage

As you can see that it has 5 options: Just For You, Epic Lists, Trending, Specific Interest, and Social Activity.

  • Just For You: This options displays the recommended stumbles to you based on the categories followed by you. You can use this option to view the stumbles from different categories which are specially chosen for you.
  • Epic List: This option lets you surf the stumbles divided across following categories: List You’ll Love, This Just In, Super Popular, Lists You Follow. You can simply tap on the particular category to view the stumbles.

    Epic List option

  • Trending: If you want to view the stumbles which are getting viral on StumbleUpon, then use this option anytime.
  • Specific Interest: This option lets you view the stumbles of specific interest.
  • Social Activity: Use this option to view the stumbles liked by the Stumblers (other users of StumbleUpon).

When you will tap on any of the above mentioned categories to view the Stumbles, you will see a snippet preview of each stumble with its name, image and category name. You can swipe the screen to go to next stumble. If you want to view any particular stumble then stop swiping and wait for few seconds, the app will automatically open the full original article related to that Stumble.

While viewing the article related with any stumble, you can like, dislike or even simply ignore it. Besides this, if you find any stumble to be worth sharing then you can share it via email, SMS Message, Facebook, Twitter, Recommend to another Stumbler, and add to your lists. In case, if you want to go to next stumble of the category then simply start swiping again. Its that easy.

Viewing Stumbles In StumbleUpon

You can see that there is a small StumbleUpon icon at the bottom center of the app’s screen. You can tap on it anytime to view any stumble randomly. The app also lets you manage your profile, filter interests, and manage lists. You can access these features by tapping at the three bar icon on top right corner.

Profile Options in StumbleUpon

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Final Verdict:

StumbleUpon is a very good app for surfing StumbleUpon contents from iPhone. I found it to be very easy to access the app as well as the Stumbles. The app lets you do all the tasks of its website except for one feature that you can’t add new Stumbles to the website from the app. Apart from this, it’s a very good app for accessing StumbleUpon on the go. You should give it a try.

Get StumbleUpon here.

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