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iTranslate is a free translation app for iPhone which lets you translate any word, sentence, or text to another language. It has a very simple interface. All you need to do is type a word or a phrase in the section or box above the flags. Then choose which language do you want to convert it in. Once selected, the translated text will be shown in the window below. Checkout the screenshot below for better understanding.

itranslate homepage

Text to Speech to Hear Pronunciation of Translated Words:

This free iPhone app also gives you the option to convert text to speech. This is really a good option to learn pronunciation of any particular word. This can also help you if you are trying to learn a new language.

The settings option on the top right hand corner of the screen gives you options like change the voice of the person who is speaking out the words. Control the volume and speed at which the text is read back to you.

Support for Over 60 Languages:

This iPhone translation app supports over 60 languages for translation. This is one of the most comprehensive translation app I have come across.

Support for Multiple Dictionaries:

iTranslate comes with multiple dictionaries for same language. This is because same word or phrase can mean different based on the context. For example, consider use of word “mean” in following two sentences:

  • I mean to say this.
  • He is a mean person.

To take care of such possibilities, iTranslate shows translation from multiple dictionaries so that you can choose the one that fits context.

Improve Translation by Rating:

As you can see in the screenshot in beginning of this article, there is an option “Rate” below the translated text. This is a way for you to provide feedback to iTranslate regarding the translation that it did. This helps iTranslate to improve the translation even further. This is a pretty good idea as this helps in improving translation by using collective knowledge of tons of people around the world who use this app.

Other Features:

You also get the option to save the translation, or SMS, email or Tweet it. This can be fun if you want to share the translation with your friends.

Advanced settings contain Auto correction, Auto capitalization, and end of speech features.

Left hand side top corner gives you options like translate, history, favorites, about. As you can guess, translate will take you to the homepage of the app where the translation takes place. Just add the text that you want to translate, choose source and target languages, and you will have translated text in front of you.

History tab stores your translation history of all the words and phrases converted by you. Favorites will have words or sentences saved or marked by you as favorite. About section lets you know more info about the app.

Premium Features:

This translation app is free, but it comes with some premium features that you have to purchase from within the app. These include:

  • Voice Recognition
  • Romanization

iTranslate is a useful app when you are in need to translate something quickly. It is one of the most advanced translation app out there, and gets the work done. The caveat is that it does not provide voice recognition in the free version, that Google Translate for iPhone provides.

This free translation app works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Download from App Store.

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Works With: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
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