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Icon Skins for iPhone Free is a personalization app which lets you change the wallpaper of your iPhone and iPod Touch. The app has been developed by Lemondo Entertainment. The app has a very large collection of wallpapers to choose from. You can apply any wallpaper to your home screen or lock screen.

The wallpapers are divided across 5 categories which makes it easier for you to search the desired wallpaper. The app lets you share the wallpaper with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

List of Wallpapers

Key Features Of This Personalization App For iPhone:

  • Free to download and use.
  • Internet connection required to use the app.
  • Large collection of wallpapers to view and use.
  • 5 type of categories to choose from.
  • Apply wallpapers to home screen or lock screen.
  • Save wallpapers to your iPhone or iPod.
  • Share the wallpapers via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Using This Personalization App:

You can download the Icon Skins For iPhone Free app either by searching on iTunes Store or by clicking on the link given at the end of this review. Launch the app by tapping on the app’s icon. When the app is launched, you will see all the new wallpapers available for downloading. You can scroll down to check even more wallpapers. If you want to check the popular wallpapers then you can do so by tapping on the Popular tab at top right corner.

All the wallpapers in the app are divided into 5 categories. Tap on the three bar icon at top left corner to view these categories. The categories are: Icon Frames, Characters, Shelves, Backgrounds and Christmas.

Categories of Wallpapers

  • Icon Frames: This category consists of all those wallpapers which are designed in such a way that all the app icons on the device get specifically decorated. These wallpapers will make your app icons look more attractive.
  • Characters: Here you will find wallpapers with some character in the background. The character can be a cartoon, animal, devil, etc.
  • Shelves: The wallpapers available in this category makes your app icons to look cleaner and classy. It appears that all the icons are on a shelf just like books are kept on the shelf.
  • Backgrounds:  These wallpapers are just simple images which changes the background of your iPhone. You have various backgrounds to choose from which can make your iPhone look more beautiful and new.
  • Christmas: If you are a Christmas season lover then these wallpapers are for you. These wallpapers consists of Santa Claus, jingle bells, cakes and everything which relates to Christmas.

Applying The Wallpapers To iPhone Using This Personalization App:

Now, you have checked all the wallpapers and I guess you must be thinking of applying them to your device. Lets have a look at the steps involved in applying the wallpapers.

    • Tap on the wallpaper which you want to apply to your iPhone. It will get open in full screen view.
    • Tap anywhere on the screen to check the preview of the wallpaper.

Options For Personalization App

    • You will see two options at bottom of the screen. Tap on the icon at right hand side to see the options.
    • Here, you will find 5 options: Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Save, and Other Apps. Tap on first 3 options if you want to share the wallpaper.

Saving and Sharing Wallpaper

  • Tap on the Save option to save the wallpaper to your device memory.
  • Go to Settings option of your device and tap on Brightness and Wallpaper option. Tap on Wallpaper tab and select the wallpaper from the Camera Roll.

Now, you have applied your desired wallpaper so its time to go out and show it to your friends.

Note: All the wallpapers are free to download but some of the wallpapers comes with a watermark of the developer’s name.

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Final Verdict:

Icon Skins Free for iPhone is a very good personalization app. All the wallpapers available in the app are unique, impressive, attractive and of high quality. The wallpapers made my iPhone look new and fresh. There are so many wallpapers to choose from that you can apply a new wallpapers each and every day. This app is definitely worth a try.

Get the Icon Skins Free for iPhone from here.

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