5 Online SSN Validator Free Websites

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Here are 5 free online SSN validator websites. When you want to check if Social Security Number (SSN) is valid or not, these websites are gonna help you. The good thing, there is no need of any account creation. Just open homepage of any website, enter SSN, and you will get the result.

The result shows crucial information about SSN. You will be able to see date of SSN issuance, State of issuance, first time issue date, last year issued date, estimated age of person, etc. Some websites also show map to point the location of SSN.

Let’s check these online SSN validators one by one.


SSNvalidator.com website

SSNvalidator.com (Homepage) is a very simple and handy website to check if a SSN number is valid. You just need to enter your social security number, agree to terms and conditions of the website, and use SEARCH button. The result is created within a second or two.

In the result, you can see SSN status (valid or not), the date of this report, issuance status (verification if SSN issued by Social Security Administration), approx date of issuance, SSA death masterfile, and State of issuance. The map is also displayed to show State location but it’s not so useful. Still, the other data is pretty helpful and you can give a try to this online SSN validator.


SSN-Verify.com website

SSN-Verify.com (Homepage) is another great website to valid SSN. Enter Social Security number, use VERIFY NOW button and you will get the result. There are multiple valuable information in the result, including whether SSN is valid or not. You can see issuance location, estimated age of person, first and last year issued, and a map. The good thing is its map is useful as it shows SSN location. The option to take print of result is also there that you can use to save SSN information for later use.

It also provides a bulk SSN verification tool but you need to contact the team for sign up and probably buy a premium subscription. If that’s something you’re not interested in, then simply use its free (without sign up) plan and use this online SSN validator.


SSN-Check.org website

SSN-Check.org (Homepage) is one of the interesting websites on this list. This SSN validator website shows city where the SSN was issued or professional of a person (like railroad worker) to whom that specific SSN number was issued. Along with that, it shows date of issuance and estimated age of the person. SSN is valid or not is also provided by the website which is why it has managed its place here.

A map is also there which I think helps to point out the location, but it ain’t worth enough and you might not get exact location or area. The website is handy enough to find SSN validity and estimated age of card holder. So, you can definitely give it a try.

SSN Validation Information

SSN Validation Information interface

SSN Validation Information (Homepage) is a handy website to check SSN validation for a particular number or some random SSN. For each SSN you enter, it will give message (SSN valid or not), SSN length, area number, State, serial number and other information.

While some other websites are able to check only SSN validation and State, this website is better to use to get other important information like group number, serial number, SSN length, etc.



MyFakeInfo is a very simple website. It doesn’t come with extra features like map, SSN issuance date, person’s estimated age, etc. The only feature it provides is check if a SSN is valid. If the answer is yes, then you can also see SSN state. That’s all this website does.

What I find is the website is mainly helpful for valid SSNs only. If some SSN exist earlier but the person is deceased now, then it will simply show SSN is invalid.

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The Conclusion:

Whether you are an employer or just curious to know if someone’s SSN is valid or not, these sites can come in handy. I guess “SSNvalidator.com” and “SSN-Verify.com” are most useful websites on this list. You can get accurate information about any SSN. Try these SSN validator websites and see if these help you with the information you want.

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