5 Free Online Vegan Diet Plan for Weight Gain

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This article covers 5 free websites with a vegan diet plan for weight gain.

When it comes to weight gain, most of the diet plans include meals which have meat, eggs, etc. because of their protein-rich nature. A vegan diet is generally misconceived as a diet for weight loss which is not correct. With a proper nutrition rich diet and meal combos, you can obviously gain weight on a vegan diet as well.

With the help of these websites, you can come up with a healthy vegan diet plan to put on some weight. On these websites, you can find advice, suggestions and vegan diet plan for weight gain. Some of these websites also provide you with some vegan food combos along with recipes. So, let’s check out these websites one by one.

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5 Free Websites with Vegan Diet  Plan for Weight Gain:


vegan diet plan to gain weight

StyleCraze.com is a free website that covers fashion, style, health and body wellness. This website offers advice, tips, and plans for all sort of diets. Instead of just giving you a fixed diet plan, it suggests you diet changes which can help you gain weight. For the vegan diet, it suggests you simple diet tips which you can easily adapt. For each vegan diet tip, it tells what you need, what you have to do, and how all this help you gain weight.

This website also offers a proper diet chart for weight gain. In that chart, it tells how many meals you have to take and when. It also gives you a list of food items which you can consume in order to gain weight. Apart from the diet, this website also suggests exercise and other activities which play an important role in health and are also helpful in weight gain.

Know more about this vegan diet plan for weight gain here.


gain weight on vegan diet

MediSysKart is an online store for medicines and healthcare products. MediSysKart has a blog featuring articles on health awareness, wellbeing tips, diet plans, and more. Here, you can find various articles on how to gain weight. One such article is “Simple Vegetarian Diet Plans to Gain Weight”. That article suggests you various food items and tips to gain weight on a vegan diet. It covers 9 food tips that you can include in your vegan diet for gaining weight. For each food item, it suggests you the food items and tells you how it helps you gain weight. It also suggests you mini meals, carbohydrate and protein-rich food to gain muscle mass.

Read more about this vegan diet plan for weight gain here.


vegan diet plan to gain weight

OneGreenPlanet.org is an organization with a goal to help create a world where we eat delicious food and use amazing products. This website has a vegan diet plan to help you gain weight. It suggests you healthy weight gain combos, high-quality carbohydrate, and protein diets. For all that, it has 5 food-item combos for you. For each combo, first, it tells you how the food items in that combo are good for weight gain. Then, it tells you the recipe to make that food combo at home. Apart from these combos, it also gives you additional tips and suggestions for better health and nutrition.

Give this 6-day vegan diet plan for weight gain a read here.


gain weight on vegan diet

As the name suggests, VegKitchen is vegetarian food website where you can find vegan recipes, food ebooks, health and nutrition information, suggestions, and more. This website tells you 5 ways to healthfully gain weight on a vegan diet. It suggests you meals and food combos that can help you put on weight. It also tells you what type of mini meals to take throughout the day and suggests you nutritious drinks along with the meal. You can follow these suggestions and tips and make necessary changes in your diet plan to make it more nutritious and gain some weight.

Know more about this vegan diet plan for weight gain here.


vegan weight gain diet plan

INourishGently is an online blog covering food, diets, nutrition, health, wellbeing, and more. This website has an article that serves two purposes simultaneously. It tells you 7 vegan food items which help you gain weight. At the same time, it also suggests you the possible solution to stay in shape. Here, you get 5 vegan food items and combos for weight gain. For each food items, it gives you some facts and tells you what to do and what don’t. After that, it suggests you a possible solution like switching or skipping some food items from the combo, etc. to stay in shape.

You can get this vegan diet plan for weight gain from here.

Closing Words:

These are the 5 free websites where you find vegan diet plans for weight gain. With all the weight gain meal suggestions from all these websites, you can easily make your own vegan diet plan to gain weight.

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