5 Free Clipboard Manager MAC Apps to Keep Track of Clipboard History

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This post covers 5 free clipboard manager MAC apps to keep track of clipboard history. Here I will talk about some handy clipboard managers for macOS that you will like. These apps keep running in your MAC’s menubar and record everything that you copy on clipboard. These apps allow you to reuse clipboard content even after you have overwritten it. These apps log all the clipboard data like text, images, links, code snippets that you can get back later easily. All these apps work perfect when it comes to monitoring clipboard and the entries on it. In some of these apps, you can even opt to sync clipboard data between multiple PCs.

Clipboard manager is a useful tool for computer users in so many ways. Many times we accidentally lose the text or images that were copied on clipboard. This happens in case of abnormal shutdown as well. In that case, clipboard managers come in handy. These apps retains the clips for you so you can use them later. However, this doesn’t work in this way in all the apps. Some of the following apps can only remembers specific number of clips copied to the clipboard. After that, they start culling the old entries and rewrite them.

5 Free Clipboard Manager MAC Apps to Keep Track of Clipboard History

5 Free Clipboard Manager MAC Apps to Keep Track of Clipboard History:


1Clipboard free clipboard manager MAC

1Clipboard is one of the best free clipboard manager app for macOS that you can use right now. Here it stores unlimited clips and you can clean them later. Also, you can save some important clipboard entries by marking them as your favorite. It can save the copied text, links, code snippets, and images in it. It saves the entries in a stack manner. The latest entry is on the top. And if you want to get any previous entry on the clipboard then simply click on it. And the best part is that using this clipboard manager, you can keep the clipboard of multiple PCs in sync. It comes with Google Drive integration which helps you sync clipboard data.

Not only MAC, but you can use this app on Windows as well. And you can keep the clipboard of both the PCs in sync. You will have to sign in using your Google account on all the PCs you are using this app on. You can access this after installing from the menu bar. And there is an option in it to turn off sync in case you want to use it on single PC only. It runs automatically on startup and there is an option in it to save the specific entries. To save a specific entry, you just have to click on the start icon attached to it. Additionally, in the app settings, you can opt to clear all data of the app.


CopyQ free clipboard manager

CopyQ is a very powerful cross-platform clipboard manager that you can use. It runs hassle free on macOS and offers numerous features that you will like. Here it lets you save text in rich and plain mode to the clipboard. Not only that, it can even save images and code snippets as well. You can save unlimited entries in it if you want to. But by default, it saves 200 entries. There are so many options in it to customize different parameters. You can easily see all the entries on its interface right from the menu bar. And it can be managed from command line as well.

Download this clipboard manager from GitHub from one of its releases and then install it. During the installation, you will also allow it through the Gatekeeper. After that, its scissor like icon will appear in the menu bar. From now on whenever you copy something on clipboard, it will appear there. Also, its icon animates when something gets copied to the clipboard. You can open the preferences section to tweak settings related to the appearance, tray, notifications, and application shortcuts. You can use this on any platform in the same way.


Clipy free clipboard manager for MAC

Clipy is another free clipboard manager that you can use on your MAC PC or MacBook. Here it lets you store unlimited clipboard entries. And it comes with snippets support. It lets you create custom snippets that you can categorize in different folders. You can see all the clipboard entries along with the custom snippets in the menu bar. It runs automatically on startup and you can easily see the clips. Also, it categorizes your clips as well. You can see the clipboard entries in different folder and clear them when you want to.

Clipy is an open source clipboard app for macOS that you can try. You can get it from its releases using the link given above. After that, simply install it and then run it. It’s icon will appear in the menu bar. Start copying different clips and then let it store them for you. You can see the most recent clips on its main interface. Along with the captured clipboard content, you can create different snippets as well. You can create custom snippets for fast access and you can categorize them as well.


CopyClip clipboard manager MAC

CopyClip is a simple clipboard manager app for macOS that you can use. This app runs in the menu bar and can only keep the text-based entries in it. In this app, you can specify how many clipboard entries you want to save in it. Also, it lets you define how many entries it should show on its main interface. It shows content that you have copied on the clipboard and you can easily access any previous clipboard entry. It offers you an “Exceptions” feature that allows you to blacklist some applications in which you don’t want this app to work.

Just get it from the MAC store and then simply install it. After that, open it, and it will start recording the entries. You can see the clipboard entries on its interface and you can copy them again to the clipboard. Just select any entry from the list and it will be immediately copied to the clipboard. Additionally, you can open the preferences section of this app and then manage the number of entries to be shown in the menu bar interface. Also, you can add some applications in the “Exceptions” list and this app will not record clipboard data while apps are running.


jumpcut clipboard history manager

Jumpcut is the last free clipboard manager app in my list that you can use. Just like the app above, it is extremely simple and stores specified number of entries. It can only save text-based entries and you can copy them again to the clipboard by simply clicking on them. By default, it can store up to 40 entries but this number can further be extended from the app settings. There are some other additional options in it that you may consider like tweaking the hotkeys, appearance, and number of clips to display in the menu.

This is an open source app for macOS to manage the clipboard data. You just have to download it and then install it in your MBP. The installation will be blocked for this app because it comes from an unauthorized developer so you will have to allow this app from the MAC’s Gatekeeper. After that, its icon will appear in the menubar. You can start copying the different items and it will keep saving them in the order they were copied. You can see all the entries that you copied so far and again place them on clipboard in one click.

Final thoughts

So, these are the best free clipboard manager apps for MAC that you can use. Use these to keep track of the clipboard history and get access to the historical clipboard data. All the apps here help you manage the clipboard data easily. Some of the apps are really advanced and you will like them. From all of these apps, I will suggest you to use 1Clipboard, CopyClip, and CopyQ. But if you want simple apps to do the same then you can use other two that I have mentioned in the above list. So, if you are looking for some free clipboard manager apps for MAC then this post will help you.

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