5 Free Online News Aggregators

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Here are 5 free online news aggregators. Online news aggregators are web applications which collect web content like headlines, news, blogs, etc. in one location. And this makes viewing easy. News makes us aware and informative about each and everything  happening across the world whether it be local news, political news, sports news, fashion related news, technology related, etc. News is available to us through several world class news channels on television, several news websites and through several online news aggregators. These news aggregators basically fetch most popular present news from several other sites and keep them in a single location. By which you can save your time visiting various websites in search of news. Below are few best online news aggregators.

Google News

 News Aggregators Google

Google News is a free online news aggregator which collects news headlines from over 4,500 English news sources across the world. Moreover this news aggregator makes a group of similar stories together and makes them display as per the personalized interest of a reader. Google News includes various user-friendly features for your convenience. This news aggregator allows you to select the news edition from the drop down menu. You may also choose the news view between Headlines or All news. This online service even allows you to choose news category between World, Business, technology, sports, entertainment, science, health and much more. You are also allowed to sign up for receiving daily, weekly, or instant news email alerts on any of your interested topics. Google news includes a special version which can be accessed from your mobile phone. You may also search for news with the help of search tab.

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Yahoo News

News aggregators Yahoo

Yahoo News is one of the most popular and widely used news aggregator which delivers excellence when it comes to news updates. This news aggregator collects most popular and most read news across the world. This online service from Yahoo includes specific tab for each news category of news such as national, grand Pix, world, entertainment, sports, business, technology and much more. In the home tab You can also search for news videos, photos, Odd news, Weather reports, etc. This news aggregator has got a “Archive” tab  from where you can easily sort out the news on the basis of it’s section, providers and time. It also includes a sign in option, where you can sign in with your Yahoo, Gmail or Facebook email address.

Drudge Report

News aggregators Drudge Report

Drudge report is a straight forward and one of the well know news aggregator which is commonly used. This news aggregator basically consists the links of the stories from U.S and mainstream international media related to politics, current events, entertainment, etc. This news aggregator includes selected hyperlinks to various news websites worldwide. And each of the link carries a headline. Drudge Report includes most popular and most read news from across the world. You can also view the front pages of some of the most popular newspaper worldwide by simply clicking “World front pages”. This news aggregator also allows you to check local news just by entering your zip code. Box office result for a movie can also be viewed.

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Huffington Post

News aggregators Huffington Post

Huffington Post is another news aggregator which consists of news on several topics such as politics, business, entertainment, technology, media, local news, culture, comedy, etc. This news aggregator has a front page which includes all the recent and popular news. Get news alerts on your email address by just entering the email address in the email address blank and click on “Get alerts”. The best part is that you don’t have to register or login yourself to view daily news. Just visit the site and view news in which you are interested.


News Aggregators Popurls

Popurls is one of it’s kind news aggregator which has a user-friendly interface full of news content. This news aggregator consist of a special feature, whenever you place mouse cursor on any of the news it shows 2 options which are “Share” or “Clip”. For sharing you need to create an account with Popurls. Creating an account results in permanently storing custom settings of a user across all computers and moreover offers you personalized features, all these for free. And if you click on Clip option then that post gets stored to the clipbook. Clipbook can be viewed from the “User” tab. This site also includes a “Customize” tab which allows you to customize layout, design, switch view, etc.

So these were 5 free online news aggregators. Go ahead stay updated with the latest news in every field.

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