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Versus for Android is a free app which lets you compare gadgets. Simply enter the name of the products you would like to compare and then tap on the compare button and Versus will provide you specification comparison in an easy to digest form.

The app shows you the dimensionally correct photos of the gadgets side by side, along with reasons why a product is better than other, instead of a long list of specification. Using Versus for Android you will be able to make an informed decision about which gadget to buy.

You can compare tablets, tumble dryers, e-readers, MV* frameworks, motherboards, monitors, projectors, washing machines, universities, voice recorders, robotic vacuum cleaners, smartwatches, mobile phone headsets, headphones, game consoles, CPUs, sports watches, MP3 players, cameras, phones, single speakers, washer-dryers, PC and gaming headsets, SSDs, graphics cards, all-in-one DJ MIDI controllers, camcorders, TVs, ski resorts, fitness trackers, gps navigation systems, cities, and scanners with Versus for Android.

Compare Gadgets With Versus For Android

Using Versus for Android:

You can get Versus for Android from the link or QR code at the end of this review.

To start comparing something, just type in the name and the app will give you suggestion as seen below. You can enter the whole name of the product or pick it from the suggestions.

Using Versus for Android

After adding a product add another product to which you would like to compare as seen here. After you have added the products to be compared, simply tap on the ‘Compare’ button. This will bring up the products as seen below. The images of the products show you how big or small they are as compared to each other.

comparing Versus for Android

To view details of the product on right, swipe from the right edge to the left and you will be presented with reasons to buy that product. This way of comparison is great as Versus for Android does not simply list the specification; instead you are provided with the reasons why a spec is more significant than other. You can scroll down to view information. Similarly you can view the reasons to buy the other product by swiping from the left screen edge towards the right.

Compare results versus for android

If you like, you can even share the comparison by using the share button provided on the upper right corner of the app’s interface.

share comparision with versus for android

This is not limited to just phone, but you will also find all kinds of gadgets and devices in this app. Below you can see that I am comparing two DSLR cameras.

dslr camera comparision with versus for android


Versus for Android is a superbly designed app which is easy to use and you get comparisons between different products in detail. The ability to view products placed side by side in dimensionally correct images helps a lot. Also, instead of given you a long list of specification, versus provides you reasons by a particular specification is better than other. This app is especially great for non geeky individuals.

Get Versus for Android from here or Scan the QR code below.

Versus for Android qr code

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Works With: Android 4.0 and up
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