How to Convert any Webpage to Text in Firefox

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This tutorial explains how to convert any webpage to text in Firefox.

Ever wished to read a webpage with text only interface, no ads or images? So here is a great add-on for Firefox that immediately converts a webpage to plain text. Only a white background and black text will be visible to you. You can take the print of that webpage and can also get back to the original webpage in a single click.

There are two more fantastic features of this add-on. It lets you generate a PDF file of the converted webpage and also lets you share the plain webpage using the sharing URL. Apart from this, you can also change the background color, font size, and font for the converted webpage by accessing the homepage of tis Textise website. So many interesting features are provided by this add-on.

convert a webpage to text in Firefox

The above screen recording shows how easy it is to convert any webpage to plain text using this add-on.

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How to Convert any Webpage to Text in Firefox?

These are the steps to use this plugin:

Step 1: Install this Firefox plugin and then its icon will appear on the top right corner of your browser.

Step 2: Now open a webpage that you want to convert into plain text. After this, tap on the icon of this plugin.

Step 3: It will take only 2 to 3 seconds (might be more) to convert that webpage to text.

webpage converted to plain text

On the top part of the converted webpage, options to print the webpage, create PDF, and Share webpage will be visible to you. You can use any option you want.

use options

Step 4: This is an optional step. In this step, you can use an option to change the font, background, font size of converted webpage by accessing the homepage of Textise website.

change webpage font, size, and color

Actually the webpage looks good with new changes. So I will recommend you to use this option.

webpage with new changes


Using this plugin was a good experience for me. It is fun as well as useful. Whenever you want to read an article, any news, or a webpage with plain text only, this Firefox add-on is the best choice for this task.

Get Textise Firefox add-on.

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