Windows 10 Puzzle Game with Unlimited Random Color Puzzles

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Color Conquer is a free Windows 10 puzzle game app which lets you generate unlimited random color puzzles. The main aim of this game is that you have to color the entire board with one color. You start from the top left corner and work your way down. You have to switch between different colors quickly to color all the tiles in the same color.

The color puzzles game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. The first time you start this app you will see a screen like the one shown in the below screenshot.

color conquer home

The option to turn the music and sound on or off is given on the home screen, as can be seen in the screenshot above. Let’s start with clicking the play button, which will take you to difficulty selection screen.

color conquer level selection

Once you are done with selecting a difficulty level from the above screen, you then have to select a color palette which you would like to use in the game. The color selection screen is shown in the screenshot below.

color conquer color selection

Choose out of the three given palettes. Once you choose a color palette, the game will start immediately. The game board is shown in the screenshot below.

color conquer game board.

You have a timer running on the left side of the app window and you have to color the board in one color before the timer runs out. If the timer runs out then you lose and have to start again. The number of moves it takes you to color the entire board is also shown on the left side above the timer. The color palette displayed on right side is the one you selected at the beginning of the game. You would need to switch colors in the board using this color palette.

When you complete a game, you will be shown a star rating and a world ranking will also be calculated based on how well you did.

Features of this color puzzles game app:

  • Generates random unlimited puzzles.
  • Internet connection not required to play the game.
  • Each game has a timer and you have to complete the puzzle before the timer runs out.
  • 3 different board sizes available in the game small, medium, and big.
  • Compare score with other players from around the world.


Color Conquer is a fun color puzzles game for Windows 10. It is quite a challenging puzzle with timer. You have to complete the puzzle in the given time. Do give it a try.

Check out Color Conquer for Windows 10 here.

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Works With: Windows 10
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