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FatihaTV website has gathered some curated Islamic content from YouTube for you to watch in this ongoing holy month of Ramzan. Here you will find some really nice spiritual videos and lectures from famous scholars that you can watch with your families. There is a special kids section on the website as well where you can find some animated videos centered around stories of prophets and some other Quranic stories. With the curated set of videos this website has, you can intensify your knowledge on various aspects of the Islamic faith.

Even though there are many YouTube channels, subreddits, Quora Spaces, and forums out there, FatihaTV is one of the best websites. Unlike YouTube, here you will not be distracted by other entertainment videos in the recommendation feed. Here you can just start a playlist and just let it play that for you. This is as simple as that. There is no need to create an account or something to use it. The maker of the websites has done the heavy lifting for you. You just find your favorite scholars or speaker and just play that playlist.

Watch Curated Islamic Content from YouTube

How to Watch Curated Islamic Content from YouTube without Distractions?

You can simply go to the main website from here. There are two options to browse the website for adults or for kids. And there is a search tool also included that you can use to find a specific lecture or spiritual talk by your favorite scholar.

FatihaTV Video Categories

The whole website is nothing but a collection of video playlists from very reputed channels from YouTube. Once you play a video, it will start playing in a sequential manner. You can see other related videos if in the same playlist on the right side. There are a lot of playlists and channels to choose from. From Merciful Servant to Mufi Menk, and Nouman Ali Khan, you will every popular YouTube channel that posts some really high-quality content.

Fatiha TV Famous scholars YouTube

The next thing to explore on the website is the kid’s section. There are a lot of quranic stories related to prophets and some other events. You can make your kids watch those stories as they are interesting and inspirational. For that, just go to the kid’s section and then simply start any playlist. Apart from the stories, you can see some other interesting animated stuff, best suited for kids.

Fatiha TV Kids

This way, you can simply use the FarihaTV website to watch some really high-quality content. All of that curated into one single place and you will really find it useful. However, since there is no registration, you may not be able to like videos or create a custom playlist. Just go to the website and then simply do whatever you want.

Closing thoughts

In the month of Ramzan, Muslims usually indulge in a lot of spiritual stuff so why not videos from some really popular YouTube channels such as Merciful Servant. These videos on the website will inspire you with various historical stories and some really useful information about the Islamic faith. The only downside of the website is the customization. For now, you just have to manually find videos and start playing them as a playlist with no option to mark them favorite or add to a personal collection.

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