Use Open Source LLMs for Free with Internet Access: Ubdroid

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This post covers AI engine to use open source LLMs for free with internet access. Ubdroid is an  AI Answer Engine that covers open-source LLMs. This AI-powered tool uses various Open Source LLMs to provide answers to user queries. It brings all the popular open-source LLMs into one place. This includes Mistral 7B Instruct, Nous: Cabybara 7B, MythoMist 7B, Toppy M 7B, Cinematika 7B (alpha), Google: Gemma 7B, RWKV v5 3B AI Town, RMKV v5 3B AI Town (Recursal), RMKV v5: Eagle 7B, Hugging Face: Zephyr 7B, and OpenChat 3.5.

Along with all these popular open AI models, this website also has an in-house model Ubdroid AI. This model stands because of its unique capability to access the internet. Unlike other models that have information cut off to a certain date, this model can access the internet and fetch information in real time. This is helpful for research and answers with up-to-date information. I tested this AI Answer Engine trying all the supported LLMs. Here is my take on all this.

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Ubdroid AI Answer Engine

Visiting the website opens the Ubdroid AI Answer Engine. It has a black-themed interface with a dropdown containing all the supported models. It has a text box to add the query. The box supports a query of up to 4000 characters. I can simply click on the dropdown to select a desired model to interact with.

Here is a list of open AI models that you can use on Ubdroid AI Answer Engine:

  • Ubdriod AI (internet access)
  • Mistral 7B Instruct
  • Nous: Cabybara 7B
  • MythoMist 7B
  • Toppy M 7B
  • Cinematika 7B (alpha)
  • Google: Gemma 7B
  • RWKV v5 3B AI Town
  • RMKV v5 3B AI Town (Recursal)
  • RMKV v5: Eagle 7B
  • Hugging Face: Zephyr 7B
  • OpenChat 3.5.

The Ubdroid AI model is the only one with internet access. It can find the latest information and news relevant to the asked query. I can also use the rest of the models which are regular models without the internet. Instead of heading to separate websites and finding the models, I can interact with the desired model in one place.

A few things to note

  • The Ubdroid AI model has internet access, while other models do not.
  • There is no login so no chat synchronization. As soon as I close the window, all chats get deleted.
  • It does not have a button to copy the response in a single click.

Give it a try here.

Closing Comment

Ubdroid AI Answer Engine provides all popular open AI models under one roof where users can easily interact with the desired models. All the models work well without any issues. The Ubdroid AI model can access the internet answering all types of queries with up-to-date information.

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