Track YouTube Analytics of Competitors with this Free Tool

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This article talks about a free YouTube analytics tool that you can use to track YouTube analytics of competitors and optimize YouTube channel. With 30+ millions daily active users, YouTube is a great place for influencers and brands to expand their reach and generate leads. But, being a top video platform (in terms of audience) in the world, there are lots of competition on YouTube. Here I’m covering a free YouTube analytics tool which you can use to gain analytics on your YouTube competitors and hence optimize and improve your channel.

NoxInfluencer is a free web-based YouTube analytics tool that gives you detailed insights on YouTube channels and their videos. With this tool, you can view any YouTube channel stats from YouTube ranking, live subscription count, view count, history data to YouTube earnings and more. In case of video, you can view views and subscribers rate in the past 30 days along with overall engagement rate on a video. You can also compare up to three channels side by side and see their YouTube data comparison and channel growth.

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Track YouTube Analytics of Competitors with this Free Tool

To use NoxInfluencer to get YouTube analytics on competitors, you have to visit the NoxInfluencer website. On the website, you can search for YouTube channels and get insights on their analytics. This tool also has a Chrome extension that shows the channel stats on YouTube while you watching the video. You can use the extension to quickly get stats on YouTube and then visit the website for more data.

01 get analytics on youtube competitors

The extension shows the following info on YouTube:

Channel Stats:

  • NOX Score
  • Subs Global Rank
  • Subs Country Rank
  • Video View Rank
  • Average Views
  • Country
  • Subscribers in the last 30 days
  • Views in the last 30 days

Video Stats:

  • Subscribers View Percentage
  • Compare with Average Views
  • Like Ratio
  • Estimated Video Value
  • Tags

From there, you can also track the live subscriber count of the channel and visit the NoxInfluencer website by clicking the View More button.

On the website, you get detailed stats on the respective YouTube channel and their videos. It shows the basic channel stats on the top covering total subscribers, total view time, average video views, and total videos. Then, it covers the rest of the stats into the following sections:

Channel Stats

02 youtube analytics channel stats


The Channel Stats section covers the following stats on top:

  • Global Rank with a history graph
  • Country/Area Rank with a history graph
  • NeoScore
  • Number of videos published in recent month
  • Estimated Partner Earnings
  • Estimated Potential Earnings

03 youtube analytics channel detials

Below these figurative stats, it shows you following stats in details with a graph:

  • Trend Data Comparison: Shows a comparison of subs/views for the last 7 days or 30 days.
  • Subscribers History Data: Shows a graph of trending/total subscriber history for the recent year along with subscriber milestones.
  • Views History Data: Shows a graph of trending/total views history for the recent year.
  • Future Projections: An estimated projection graph of subs/views based on current data.
  • Audience by age and gender
  • Audience by geography

Video Analysis

04 youtube analytics video analytics

Next to the Channel Stats, there is a Video Analysis section that shows the average interaction of the last 30 uploaded videos. This section shows you View/Subs percentage, Like/Views percentage,  Comments/Views percentage, and Dislike/Views percentage. Below that, it shows a Views Graph comparing highest and lowest view by date. Along with these stats, it also shows you the most viewed video of the channel along with the rest of the videos with the engagement rate.

YouTube Money Calculator

05 youtube analytics money calculator

This website also has a YouTube Money Calculator where it shows the estimated total earnings per video. This calculator has a Daily Views option and a CPM (USD) option. You can adjust the value of both of these and see how it affects the earnings. This way, you can calculate the estimated daily, monthly, and yearly earnings for different CPM values and daily view counts.

Compare Channels

03 youtube analytics channel comparision

Last, but not least, you can compare up to 3 YouTube channels. Simply search a channel on the NoxInfluencer website and click the Compare button on the  Related Channels list. This takes you to the compare page where you can add 2 more channels by entering their URLs.

Give this YouTube analytics tool a try here.

Closing Words:

NoxInfluencer is comprehensive YouTube Analytics tool that gives you a detailed insight into any YouTube channel. This tool can help you analyze your YouTube competitors and gather analytics on their channels and videos. This way, you can always keep an eye on your competitors and plan your strategies accordingly. Try this tool yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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