5 Free Online Animated Email Signature Maker Websites

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In this article, I’m reviewing 5 free online animated email signature maker websites.

You must have tried a digital signature before. But creating a unique and animated signature, you can influence others. Using these online animated email signature makers, you can add your name and other details such as photo and font for signature.

As a result, the websites provide you a GIF that includes your signature and avatar. While you use these signatures in emails, it makes an impression on your clients and team workers. Let’s explore what all websites are there on the list to create an animated email signature online.

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1. Do Not Be Square

online animated email signature maker

Do Not Be Square is a free website where you can create an animated email signature easily. Using this animated email signature maker, you can use Media, Shape, Frame, and Text to make an eye-catching signature.

After visiting the website, the first thing you need to do is to upload media (Photo or Video). Once you pick a media from your computer, you can then select a shape for your profile icon. Here, you can select Circle, Square, and Square with soft edges.

The next step is to choose a color for your photo frame edges. You can also use the slider to adjust the thickness of the frame. After this, you can go next to customize your email details.

At this point, you can add links to your social media profile. Also, use templates for your signature to change the layout. Thereafter, you can copy the signature and paste in your email while sending it to someone.

2. Gif Mania

online animated email signature maker

Gif Mania is another website to create an animated email signature. On this website, you can add a few details about you such as Text, Font, Color, and Figurine. As a result, you will get an animated signature that can be used in emails.

So in order to get started, you can first enter your name (signature). Once you choose the text, the next step is to select the font style for your signature. You can check out the stylish font collection and pick the one that goes with your profile.

You can also change the size of your signature clicking the circles on the left. When you go next, you get an option to pick a color for your signatures. Thereafter, you can select a figurine. However, you cannot upload your own photo. But using a cartoon figurine, you can make your signature look adorable.

Once done, you can click on Create and download your animated signature to use while someone an email.

3. MobileFish

online animated email signature maker

MobileFish can also be used to create animated email signatures online. With the help of this animated email signature maker, you can make a pixelated and smooth looking signature as well.

To create an animated signature, you can scroll down to enter a few details about you. Here, you can first select the type of signature (animated/smooth/pixelated), enter your name, select font type & size, background color, animation speed & loop, image type, and others.

Once you add all your details, you can hit the Create button and see the preview down below. Thereafter, you can download your email signature to use in emails.

4. My Live Signature

online animated email signature maker

My Live Signature is an animated email signature maker. Using this service, you can create a static and animated signature. The site also lets you design your email signature with social media icons and other contact details.

Before you start creating the signature, you can choose the type of signature. Then, you can add your name, choose the font style, signature size, select the signature slope/angle, and signature colors.

When your design is ready, you can download the output. To download the signature, you can click the right to save the image on your computer so that you can use it in your emails.

5. Cool Text Graphics Generator

online animated email signature maker

Cool Text Graphics Generator is an online service where you can create animated signatures for email. The website has dedicated templates that can be customized with your name.

On the homepage, you can browse the type of animation you want for your signature. You can then click on the animation and start entering your details.

You can mention your name, choose the type of font & size, logo texture, adjust the shadow, set image alignment or add a logo. After you enter the required details, you can go to create your signature and download the image to use.

In brief

Creating animated signatures for emails is quite easy. You can opt for any of the above-mentioned websites to instantly create signatures. You can add your photo, stylish fonts, and other settings to come up with an impressive signature. Some of the websites drop a small watermark that can be removed switching to the paid plan.

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