Free Note Making through GitHub Gists with Insights add-on

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Memo offers free note making with GitHub Gists which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. GitHub we all know provides us a platform to store an entire project in the form of repositories which can be shared with few people or with everyone. Whereas, a Gist is a simple way to share code snippets, notes, to do lists, etc. with others.

Memo offers private note making through Gist, where you can add text and use GitHub Gist as cloud storage. This can be done online through a browser or you can download the offline app as well. In the offline version, you can keep working on it and later push all the changes online.

Let’s look at Memo in detail below:

Go to the website, the link for it can be found at the end of this article. When you open the website you will see an interface like the one seen in the screenshot above. You will notice two buttons “use in browser” and “download”.

How to use Memo in browser:

Click the use in browser button and a page will open up asking you to login to GitHub using your credentials. Once you login you will see a page like the one seen in the screenshot above. You have a menu on the right hand side which you need to use to start creating notes. In the above screenshot the settings menu is open which gives you option to choose between a light or dark theme for your page.

Apart from settings you can use features like create a new sheet, archives, push, addons, and search. For creating a new sheet click on the same option from the menu, which can also be seen in the screenshot above. Click on create a new sheet and it will open a new sheet for you. Enter a title for the sheet and start making notes in it.

The app gives you good writing suggestions when you are making notes. These insights help you write better. Like you will see a prompt on the right side telling you that you maybe using passive voice in your writing. This can be seen in the above screenshot.

You can export notes made and save them on your computer if you want. These notes are in a private Gist which only you can access and search.

The addons section on the menu offers addons to provide you insights on every paragraph you write. You can enable or disable these addons to select which ones you want to use. The addons page can be seen in the screenshot above. You have addons for write-good, conversion, calculator, and links. These can be disabled as per your choice.

How to use Memo Downloaded version:

The download button will download the exe file of Memo to your computer. When you run the exe file the offline interface of Memo will open and you will be asked to login to it using your GitHub credentials. You can also choose to work offline using the button given and later the work can be pushed to the cloud.

You will see a screen like the one seen above in the offline version of Memo. You can add a sheet from the right side menu and start making notes.

I have chosen a dark theme for the offline version of Memo, this can be seen in the screenshot above. You can make your notes and when done you can login to your GitHub account and push the notes online.


Memo is a nice way of making notes using GitHub Gists. The app lets you use Memo with a browser online or download a offline version. The notes interface is minimal and plain so that you can focus on writing. There are various insights offered through addons to help you write better. The online and the offline version has the same options. The offline one just lets you write offline without distractions and the changes can be pushed online as soon as you login.

Check out Memo here.

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