Find Food Support by Google for People Struggling with Food Insecurity

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Find Food Support is a locator tool by Google to find the nearest food bank, food pantry, and school lunch program pickup site in the United States. Here it takes an address from you and shows all the available community-based food support centers.

This is a dedicated website by Google in collaboration with No Kid Hungry, USDA and FoodFinder. Additionally, apart from finding local food support, it offers resources for SNAP Benefits, support for seniors, military families, and families with children.

This Find Food Support tool also has some printable resources that you can download. In those resources, you are usually given government & community-run websites and phone numbers. Many states and communities offer nutritional benefits or assistance programs, and you can find more details about them here.

At least 1 in 8 Americans are more likely to experience food insecurity during their lifetimes because let’s face it, procuring food in America is still a kind of luxury that not everyone can afford. And now the pandemic has made it even worse and mostly children are affected from it. To address this issue here, you can use this tool to find food banks near you and deal with the food insecurity.

Find Food Support by Google

Find Food Support by Google for People Struggling with Food Insecurity

Here you can simply visit this website from here. There is no Google sign in or something like you’ll need. On the main interface, there is a map, and you just have to enter your address in it. The data on the map is provided by No Kid Hungry, USDA and FoodFinder.

Find Food Support by Google Main UI

After you enter an address, you will see the nearby food bank and food pantries will show up. Just click on anyone of them to see the more details about them. You can then call them and see if they have food supplies that you need. After that, you can just visit it and get what you need for your family.

Find Food Support by Google in action

When you scroll down further, it will show you a section for SNAP benefits. Here, it basically redirects you to a Google Search page to show you state eligibility requirements, as well as information about how to apply.

Find Food Support SNAP Benefits

When you scroll further down, you will find a list of resources. They are printable, and you can download them to keep them with you. Or, you can read about them on the website and find the relevant websites and phone numbers.

Find Food Support by Google Printable Resources

This is it. That’s how simple this food bank finder tool is. But it is only meant for the people of the United States. Also, I would to mention that data here shown is not controlled by Google. So, if you see some faulty data, then you can report that to the corresponding data provider.

Closing thoughts:

Food insecurity is a thing in the USA, and I am glad that in this wake of pandemic Google came up a useful tool that you can use. If you are struggling with food insecurity, then one of the reason is maybe you don’t have a curated list of resources. Use this tool to find nearby food banks and pantries and get your supplies. And please don’t go to any food center directly; always make a call first and ensure that they have everything you need.

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