Automatically Create Beautiful Bar Chart from Tabular Data

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TinyChart is a free web application to automatically create a beautiful bar or line chart from tabular data. It first lets you create a dataset and then converts it to bar chart or line chart. You can also export the chart as PNG image and share with your friends. This web app can come in handy when you have to turn a survey or any other data into a chart.

You can use a data table with custom rows and columns to create the dataset and immediately turn the output to a line or bar chart. Apart from this, data can also be generated using JSON. JSON (or JavaScript Object Notation is actually a format which is used for data structuring by entering the input in human readable format.

TinyChart- create tabular data and turn it to beautiful bar or line chart

The screenshot shows tabular data and bar chart generated using this free web app.

How To Automatically Generate Beautiful Line or Bar Chart using This Free Tinychart Web App?

Using this free web app is a very simple task. First of all, you have to open its homepage. On its homepage, you will find two main sections. Let’s have a look at these sections:

Create Table and Enter Data:

The Left section of this web app is used to generate a custom table and enter data in that table. You will find options to add or remove rows and columns. After adding the desired rows and columns, you can fill required data into that table.

create data table with desired rows and columns

Apart from using the table, you can also generate data set using JSON option.

use JSON option to generate data set

Generate Line or Bar Chart:

When your dataset is completed, it’s time to generate the chart. Click on the right section and it will automatically generate line chart for that data.

line chart

To generate the bar chart, you can click on Settings icon and use Bar Chart option. If the output chart is good, you can export it as PNG image using the Download Chart button.

generate bar chart and save chart to PC

Apart from this, an option to share chart is also available. However, you should be careful while sharing the URL of your chart. It is so because chart remains public and anyone can edit it.


In comparison to other chart making websites, which provide different types of graphs, various tools, etc., Tinychart might not be a good solution. However, it is a great solution to turn custom dataset to beautiful charts.

Use Tinychart web app for free.

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