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JasperReports is a very popular, flexible and powerful java reporting tool that enables you to create reports with content delivered in all common formats. It helps in generating and sharing information quickly and easily. This open source free reporting tool is not less than a java library which facilitates to generate new reports from previously designed reports by merely filling in live data.

JasperReports is the most promising report generating tool for generating reports with advanced flash content and is used most actively by the report generating developers. These reports can even use animations and sound and are very interactive. JasperReports helps to a great extent to serve the business community as this community is presented with the most effective and quickly understandable graphics enabled interactive reports. This free report generation utility allows generating reports up to any length and having any sort of complex structures.

JasperReports has many reporting features such as use of multiple data sources for data filling in reports in one of them, make it versatile. Ready to print documents and reports are generated using data from various customizable data resources. XML, CSV, EJB, MDX, and JDBC are to name a few of them.  You can also use data from RDBMS like Oracle and Firebird.

There are a number of formats such as PDF, SWF, TXT, OpenOffice and XLS into which the resulting interactive output reports can be presented. This free reporting application facilitates sub reports i.e. report embedded into other reports. It supports formatting and printing based on different conditions specified. It has many graphical report elements such as tables, maps, charts, funnels, barcodes and a lot many other also. All the generated reports can be previewed and exported to desired formats.

JasperReports comes with graphical design tool which is a visual report designer known as iReport. This facilities and allows designers to have a full and effective control over the report content and their look and feel. Web based reports can also be generated with iReport. JasperReports provides a variety of design choices from the various samples provided in. It provides all the necessary features to for generation of dynamic reports. So, if you want to create ready to print or super interactive reports with animations and sound, JasperReports, the free reporting tool, will help you effectively to leave and impression!

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