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Ruzzle Adventure is a fun iPhone word search game app where you have to find words from a word grid. Much like the word search games you guys must have played. So whats different with Ruzzle? Well for starters it gives you a feel of Candy Crush Saga with all the levels that it provides. You can only move on to the next level when you clear the current one. Each new level will give you boosters to help you achieve the goal in that level.

The interface of the app is can be seen below, which is pretty standard for any word search game.

Ruzzle Adventure word search board

Another thing which I liked in the game is the sound. Most of the sound is like when you guess a correct answer in a game show and can be turned off if it distracts you too much. Each level you get a number of moves in which you have to achieve a particular score. If you are able to achieve that score then you get three stars and you move on to the next level.

When you move up to level 3 and beyond you start getting boosters like bombs. When you connect a 5 lettered word, then you get a bomb booster. Once you use this bomb in a word it will wipe of that entire line of words from your board.

ruzzle adventure main page

The main page of the game shows you a map where you can see that there are 150 levels in the game to be unlocked and played. Apart from this in the top left corner you will see that you have 5 lives with a heart icon on them. 5 is the maximum number of lives in the game, but if you are running out of them while playing then you can ask your friends to send you an extra life. The star icon tells you how many starts you have collected so far. There is a particular number of stars that you will need to unlock the next gaming area after 50 games. On the right hand side you will be able to see the number of coins you have. There is also a gold board where you can win coins everyday by guessing a five lettered word from the board.

Just swipe your finger over the letters to form a word and start scoring in the game. Each level will offer you something new like wooden number tiles, gems, etc. If you have played Candy Crush Saga, then you will find the game pretty much shaped in the same way. Only with Ruzzle Adventure you have to search words instead of matching candies.

I enjoy word search games a lot and they help you improve your vocabulary too. So there is no need for me to say that I liked this game a lot.

So go ahead install this game and invite your friends to play along as well.

Get Ruzzle Adventure for iPhone free here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 5.1 or later
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