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Paper Toss is a free game for iPhone. The reason I like this game is it is pure fun and full time pass game. So if you are getting bored and have nothing to do then this is the perfect solution to pass time. With the new version of Paper Toss i.e. 2.0 you get various different settings to play the game in. With the earlier version you only got a background where there is a basket/ dustbin in between a few office cubicles. But with the new version you get different background settings. Like the:

Boss: You will get the background where your boss is sleeping and the basket is on his table. Now you have to shoot the paper balls into the basket. The fun part is you get extra points if the paper ball hits you boss.

Cubicle: Has background settings where you are shooting paper balls of your table with cubicles around you, where your colleages are working.

paper toss cubicle

Intern: Has the funniest setting of all. Here an intern will be sitting on a chair holding the basket in his lap and moving around the office. So you will have to shoot paper balls while he is moving around. Look at the screenshot below.

Paper Toss intern

Warehouse: The background is that of a warehouse with a basket at a distance to shoot paper balls in it.

Easy: As the name suggests this is the easiest setting to play.

Medium: In this setting the games gets a bit more challenging as the distance of the basket increases.

Hard: This setting is the most difficult one with the baskets distance being the most.

Another cool twist in this version of the game is that you can shoot other things apart from paper balls into the basket. For example things like tomato, crushed can, banana, flying saucer, watermelon, football, super bouny ball, cola, eight ball, stapler, burning ball, grenade, pudge ragdoll. Out of all these things paper balls are the only ones available for free. Anything else you will need to buy with points. Check out the right hand side top corner where your points are shown. If you have accumulated enough points, then go ahead, buy different stuff to shoot. Points are earned when you hit your target with paper balls.

Power ups are also available to be bought with points. Power ups include bigger basket, toss training, basket vacuum, multiplier boost, rewind, off switch. I would definitely go for a bigger basket as soon as you can buy it. This would make it easy for you to hit your target. Another cool power up you can get is basket vacuum, this way if you shoot anywhere near the basket, it will be vacuumed in to the basket getting you more points.

I found this game fun and decided to write about it. So go ahead and give a try. I’m sure you’ll find it fun too.

To download Paper Toss go to your iTunes store and search for it or click here.

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