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Glow Baby is a free iPhone baby growth tracker app to track sleep, feeds (breast & bottle), growth & summary charts, development, diaper (poops & pees), medication, and milestones. That means you can use this app to track every aspect related to your child’s development and day-to-day care. It also lets you record and track daily activities (medication and concerning symptoms) of the child, such as No Negative Symptoms, General Fussiness, Rash, Runny Nose, Cough, Fever, Funny Breathing, Low Energy, and No Appetite, take notes, upload baby photos, etc.

Unlike other child’s growth tracker apps for iPhone such as Oogababy, WebMD Baby, and Baby Tracker, this one lets you check off various milestones by the CDC, connect with other parents to discuss and analyze baby growth via in-app community, provides daily tips and advice for parents and baby, customized growth & summary insights, export milestones PDF, and track multiple baby’s at once. But one of the unique features of this app is that it lets you add a partner with whom you can track you baby’s growth and take daily care together.

iphone baby growth tracker app

How to Track your Baby’s Growth, Add a Partner, and Connect With other Parents on iPhone:

Step 1: Simply install the app and register to start using this app for tracking your child growth and development. At first, it will ask you to add your baby on the Home tab and select between the two options i.e; whether your baby is born or not.

Step 2: After that, if you choose yes, then it will ask you to fill up baby info like name, sex, birthday, due date (allows the app to estimate the baby’s gestational age), relationship with the baby. When you select no not yet, it will simply ask you fill details like baby’s name expected, due date, and relationship. Click “Start using Glow Baby” to proceed.

add baby info

Step 3: Once, you’re done with adding you baby, you can start adding moments, feeds, sleep, diaper, medication, etc. on the Home tab. All you need to do is select a particular tracking aspect and fill up the respective info about your baby, that’s all. For example, let’s say you’ve selected diaper, then it will ask you that when did you change the diaper, what was in the diaper poop or pee, and hit the save button.

add aspects

Step 4: In addition to that, you can also view the daily and weekly summary chart and growth chart by simply scrolling down on the Home tab. To make this app start tracking your baby’s growth and view growth chart, you need to feed some details like baby’s ethnicity, weight, height, and head circumference. You can also export the chart reports as a PDF file from More tab.

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Step 5: The adjacent tab to the Home is the Community tab, where you can connect with other parents to discuss the growth and development of your baby. Joining the community helps you get healthy tips, scoops, and advice from experienced parents. That means whatever problem you’re facing with your baby, you can always share them with the community and get suggestions for the solution. You can also update posts, upload photos, add links, and create polls related to your baby health and growth.


Step 6: Now, the best part of this app is that you can add a partner such that you both can track your baby’s growth and daily care together. Simply go to the More tab and click the “Add a Partner” option. After that, enter the partner’s name, email address, and relationship with the baby. That all, your partner will also be able to track every aspect related to your baby.

My Final Verdict:

Glow Baby is quite an amazing baby growth and development tracker app for iPhone. It comes with unique features like milestones by CDC, add a partner, and connect with other parents via the community. If you’re looking for a way to track your baby’s feed, sleep, diaper, etc. then this app is definitely for you. The user interface is also pretty awesome and simple to use. Give it a try.

Get “Glow Baby” from here.

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