5 Free PACMAN Games For iPad

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In this article, I have compiled a list of 5 free PACMAN games for iPad. If you loved to play the retro PACMAN game then you will surely love these iPad versions of it as they come with new twists and turns. However, all of them still follow the same storyline i.e. make PAC-MAN eat all the dots in a maze while avoiding him from ghosts. Every iPad Pacman game on my list offers a unique element in the gameplay to make the game more fun to play, like different characters, powers, etc. Make sure you check out every PAC-MAN game on my list to know more about their gameplay and exciting game elements.

5 free ipad pacman games

It doesn’t matter which platform or device you are using; you can play this game. We have already covered Pacman  for ndroid and Windows 10. If you spend most of your time on Chrome then there are some Pacman extensions for Chrome which will let you play the game instantly and get a break from work, boredom, etc.

Today, I am introducing you to a set of 5 free PACMAN games for your iPad. There are also some 3D PACMAN games which look absolutely stunning while playing on iPad. So, do check them all out and enjoy your favorite PAC-MAN on your iPad.


pacman lite ipad pacman game

PAC-MAN Lite is the first iPad Pacman game on my list. Its gameplay follows the same storyline as that of original version. You have to move PAC-MAN across the maze and make him eat the dots, but make sure he doesn’t become the meal of the floating ghosts in a level. There are 2 types of controls to play the game; you can either choose to control the PAC-MAN by swiping down your fingers in any direction i.e. left, right, top, and bottom or use a joystick, as you can see in the screenshot above. To make the game more engaging, there are some PAC-MISSIONS too, which reward you some special coins which you can use to unlock more stages. You can be more competitive by participating in limited-time tournaments and try to get to the top of its leaderboards. Some of the tips from my side are: eat the Power Pallets at the right time and use tunnels to escape from the ghosts.

PAC-MAN 256 – Endless Arcade Maze:

pacman 256 ipad pacman game

PAC-MAN 256 is another free iPad PAC-MAN game. It is a totally different game as compared to the classic PAC-MAN game. In this game, you have to play on an endless maze, which automatically starts getting destroyed from the end. The ultimate task in this game is to keep PAC-MAN alive from falling in the dead end and eaten by the ghosts. Do not worry, your PAC-MAN is not weak in this game, you can collect powers scattered all over the maze like lasers, tornado, etc to kill ghosts. There are 15 different powers that you can use and upgrade them using the collected coins to make them more effective. The game is certainly very challenging as the ghosts move quite fast in the game and you have to show your quick game reflexes to outsmart ghosts. The controls are pretty simple, just swipe up, down, left, and right on the screen to guide PAC-MAN through the maze. The game supports multiple languages too like French, Italian, etc. This is the best one on the list and I will totally recommend it to you guys.

Loopy Mazes 256: Pacman 3D – Clash of Road Runner:

loopy mazes 256 ipad pacman game

Loopy Mazes 256 is another 3D PAC-MAN game for iPad.  The characters of this game are totally different from other PAC-MAN iPad games on my list. You play as a metal box in a maze and in order to get passed through a level you have to make him eat all the dots. The real challenges in the game is to protect the metal box from missiles, other metal boxes, and other obstacles on its way. Just like you collected Power Palettes to destroy ghosts in the previous games, in Loopy Mazer 256, you got to collect stars scattered over a level to kill other boxes. If you fail to clear a maze then in your next attempt you will get a totally different maze from the previous one. I will recommend you to play this game and experience the real challenge yourself.


ms pacman ipad pacman game

Ms. PAC-MAN is a funny iPad PAC-MAN game. In this game PAC- MAN is displayed as a female character with a ribbon on her head, which looks quite funny to me. Little kids will surely love this game as they can find this little arcade game cute to play. The gameplay is quite similar to the PAC-MAN Lite and the classic PAC-MAN game i.e. guide Ms. PAC-MAN to eat all the dots in a level, before a ghost catches you. You will get 3 lives or attempts to clear a stage and move to the next stage out of total 256. The only reason that I will ask you to check out this game is just because of the different character of PAC-MAN; other than that there is nothing much in it.

Pac Panda – kung fu man and monsters in 256 endless arcade maze:

kung fu panda ipad pacman game

Pac Panda is the last PAC-MAN like iPad game on my list. In this PAC-MAN game, the PAC-MAN is replaced by the Kung Fu Panda and the ghosts are replaced by Tigress. Other than that, the gameplay is similar and you have to guide the panda to eat all items on a maze, before the Tigresses catch you, to get next to the next level. There are a number of different mazes that you can unlock by clearing the previous stage. There are no daily challenges or tournaments in the game and thus it sounded a little boring to me. However, if you are a fan of Kung Fu Panda and PAC-MAN, then you will surely love this game.


In this article, I introduced you to 5 free iPad PAC-MAN games whose gameplay and storyline have been redesigned to make them more appealing and challenging than the original PAC-MAN game. My favorite from the list is PAC-MAN 256 as it is an endless 3-D maze and you can feed PAC-MAN with exciting powers to kill ghosts. I will also recommend you to check out Loopy Mazes 256 because of its amazing gameplay and characters. If you want to play the simple and classic PAC-MAN game then check out PAC-MAN Lite.

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