3 Open Source Duplicate Photo Finder Software for Windows

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Here are 3 open source duplicate photo finder software for Windows. You can add common format images like JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, etc., and see if there are duplicate images for the input images. The feature to delete duplicate images is also available. Thus, these work as duplicate photo finder and remover software. You will also get some other information related to original and duplicate images. For example, you can see image size, image path or folder, dimensions, etc.

There are other interesting features provided by these open source duplicate photo finders. For example, you can compare images by pixels, see the input and duplicate images side by side, delete every first image or second image from the pair, check the similarity level between original and duplicate image, and more.

Let’s check all these open source duplicate image finder software one by one.


AntiDupl- interface

AntiDupl (Homepage) is a very good software to find duplicate images from multiple locations or folders. It shows the list of original and duplicate images on its interface and selecting a pair will show the preview of original and output images. Apart from that, it can also help you find those duplicate images which are mirrored and rotated.

Another feature that I like a lot is it shows the difference percentage between a pair. Where 0.00 difference means an image is a duplicate. So, you are able to check if a photo is exactly the same to the original photo or there are some differences. When the list of the original and duplicate image is generated, you have three options to remove them. You can delete every first image from the pairs, every second image or delete the selected images. All its features are great.

A detailed review of this software is also covered by us.


Pixiple- interface

Pixiple is another interesting open source duplicate photo finder software. This software compares the images by pixels and meta description and shows similar or duplicate images. You can see photos side by side on its interface. Once you find an image duplicate, you can delete it.

Other than these features, you can use other options also. You can swap images (right to left and vice-versa), set the maximum pair age (one day, one year, unlimited, or one week), check hash values of images, etc.


dupeGuru software

dupeGuru is useful for multiple purposes. This software provides music mode to find duplicate music files by scanning tags and a picture mode to find similar and duplicate images. It is also helpful to find other types of duplicate files (WORD, TXT, MP4, etc.).

You need to select “Picture” option and then add folders for scanning. Once the scanning is done, you can see the results in a separate window. It shows different columns which include file name, folder, image size, match percentage, etc. The number 100 in match percentage means the image is duplicated.

The Conclusion:

Here I close the list which covers best free open source duplicate photo finder software for Windows. All these software does the job of finding duplicate images pretty well. Still, I find “AntiDupl” better than others. It gives the features to delete the first image or second image from all image pairs, preview original and duplicate images, and see difference percentage to easily check if an image is duplicate or similar.

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