5 Online US DMV Practice Test Websites Free

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This article covers 5 free online US DMV practice test websites. These websites provide free practice tests for DMV permit test and driver license test.

With these tests, you can test your knowledge of traffic rules and see where you lie. While you are taking any of these tests, they will show you the correct answer to every question. So, in case you get any question wrong, you’ll know the correct answer to that. Some of these websites offer driver license practice tests for different types of vehicles, which includes cars, motorbikes, and trucks. Along with the tests, you can also get other driving-related info on these websites.

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Here Are 5 Free Online US Driver Knowledge Test Websites:


online DMV practice test

DriverKnowledgeTests.com offers all sort of driving-related online practice tests. Here, you can practice for your DMV test to get the learner’s permit. At DriverKnowledgeTests, you can practice for different kind of vehicles, such as car, motorbike, truck, etc. Each test consists of 45 multiple choice questions, which you can change to 20 or 80 questions before starting the test. The test asks you questions about traffic rules and traffic signs in a random order. Many questions give you a situation where you have to choose a best suitable answer that obeys the laws of traffic. When you submit your answer to a question, the website highlights the right answer and keeps a count of correct and incorrect answers. At the end, it gives you a percentage score based on the number of questions you answered correctly.

Practice online US DMV practice test here.


online DMV practice test

DrivingTests.org offers online DMV practice tests where you can practice for car and motorbike license test. It has practice tests for all US states. When you start a test, you get an option to choose your state. Then, the tests involve the laws of that state along with universal traffic rules. DriverTests.org has a set of tests; you can choose a test based on the difficulty level. Every test has 40 questions and the ideal time limit to finish the test is 8 minutes. With each question, it tells you whether your answer is correct or not. At the end of the test, you get a score. If you failed the test, it gives you an option to practice your failed questions.

Practice online US DMV practice test here.


online driving practice test

DriversPrep.com offers online DMV practice tests to help you prepare for DMV permit test and driver license test. Here, you can practice these tests for any US state. It gives you a series of 3 tests with 20 to 40 questions in each test. The tests include road rules, road signs, lane rules along with other general and state traffic laws. Each time your practice here, you get a random set of questions. So, you can practice again and again until you feel confident enough to take the actual test.

You can take this online DMV practice test here.


online USA DMV practice test free

USDriving.net offers free online US driving tests to help you prepare for DMV test. It has 430 sample DMV test questions in total. When you take a test here, it gives you an option to select the number of questions for your practice test. You can select as less as 20, and as more as 400 questions for the practice test. These questions involve lane changing rules, road signs, road rules and other traffic laws. The questions are multiple choice and show you the correct answer instantly after you mark your choice. At the end of the test, it gives you a percentage score to evaluate yourself.

Take online DMV practice test on USDriving.net here.


Florida road rules test

HighSchoolDriver.com provides online driver test for Florida state. Here, you can practice road rules test, road signs tests, and DMV permit tests. Each of these tests contains 25 multiple choice questions. Here, you don’t get any grade on your test, instead, it just shows you the correct answer as soon as you mark a choice.

Here is a link to take this online DMV practice test.

Wrap Up

These online DMV practice test websites help you prepare for your DMV test. These tests help you master the traffic rules so that you can easily pass the actual test.

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