Make Music for Kids Online with Music Maker Free Websites

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The blog post helps you to make music for kids online with music maker free websites. For that, I’m going to cover 5 free websites to compose music. The sites enable you to play sound and listen to it. Here, you can create rhythms, compose songs, beats in several styles like hip-hop, RnB, etc.

The music maker websites which you’re going to read, work differently. A few of the sites let you play music games as well. All you have to do is click on the different points or scales to produce sounds. Also, adjust the volume, pitch, sound, etc., and play music online. Also, recognize music using music identifier online services.

Let’s check out these websites and make music for kids.

1. Chrome Music Lab

Online music maker for kids

Chrome Music Lab is a free website to make music for kids. The site has an interesting collection where kids can learn music in fun ways.

There are 13 categories which include sections for song maker, rhythm, chords, melody maker, piano roll, strings, etc. You can pick up any category to create music. Then, follow the instructions to make music and play it to enjoy.

It is a great tool for kids as it lets you play music with some cartoon visuals. Teachers can also use the website for kindergarten to teach them music.

2. Classics for Kids

Online music maker for kids

Another amazing website (Classics for Kids) to make music for kids. The site lets you play music games so that children can enjoy the games while creating music.

When you open the mentioned link, it shows a category called Music. There you will find different lessons such as listen to music, compose music, musical dictionary, activity sheets, match the rhythm, etc.

I find it quite a good website as kids can start making music from basic to advanced levels. In order to compose music, you will have to pick notes. And then, keep on selecting notes and applying it to make music. After this, you can play the rhythm to check and enjoy music composition.

3. Creating Music

Online music maker for kids

Creating Music is one of the simple music making websites. If you are looking for a tool which can be used by kids then this website can be a great option.

Here, you can listen to music as well as play with music. If you go to category names under playing with music then it shows two options to play with Beethoven or play with scales. To play with scales, you can press the play button and press any key from 1-8. It plays music of basic scales.

Also, you can select the sound like C major, C natural Minor or Harmonic Minor. So try this and make music in a fun way. Besides that, if you wish to play music games then you can do that too. It will be more fun to create music while playing.


Online music maker for kids is an online beat maker. Using this website, you can create beats in hip-hop, dance, dubstep, RnB, etc., types of style. This can be a good tool for those who like loud music.

There are different categories where you can learn beats from original beats to hip-hop beats. You can pick and learn beats in rocking style. All you need to  do is click boxes and they will make a sound. In this way, you can repeatedly click several boxes to make a rhythm.

You can play multiple boxes to create multiple beats. If you want to stop one beat then click the same box again or you can stop all the sounds in just one click. So try this out and make music for kids.

5. One Motion

Online music maker for kids

One Motion is an online music maker website. Here, you can make music for kids in a fun way. The site is mainly focused on making drum sounds.

On this website, you will get a tool named Drum machine Online. This is an amazing tool as you can create drum beats like a pro. Here, you just need to click on the different scales to produce sound. Also, you can fix the velocity, volume, sound, pitch, etc., using the slider. Then, you can play music and listen to the drum beats which you have set.

Besides that, you can use the music pad to compose music. Just by clicking on the different blocks, you can produce several sounds like kick, bell, ride, snare, etc.

In brief

Kids love to enjoy music and dancing. Children like to compose music as well. If you are looking for free tools to make music then the above-mentioned websites will help you a lot. Here, you can create basic sounds, rhythm, beats, and many more. Try them out and make music for kids in a fun way.

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