5 Free Online Music Synthesizer to Create Sound Loops

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Here are 5 free online music synthesizer to create sound loops. These synthesizers can be used to easily generate stunning music loops using various tools like Oscillators, Filters, LFO, Envelope, and more. They are virtual synthesizers and hence don’t require any hardware to work. The best thing about these sound synthesizers is that they almost cover all the tools which are found on a real professional synthesizer. Another interesting feature of all these online synthesizers is that they provide a virtual keyboard which you can play while creating a sound loop.

A synthesizer can help you have a total control over your music like what notes or chords to play, how soft or loud to play, what sound to use, and so on. They can also generate a waveform for sound loops with specific pitch, speed, volume, etc. Most of these online music synthesizers only allow you to create and play music loops, but some even have the option to export the loops as audio files.

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Now, let us take a look at the online music synthesizers.

No Lick:

No Lick is probably one of the best free online music synthesizer to create and play amazing sound loops. It offers almost all the tools that an original synthesizer instrument has for making loops. You will find Oscillators, Filters, LFO, Arpeggiator, and more tools to generate sound loops. Unfortunately, it only allows you to create & play music loops and doesn’t have any option to export the loops.

Some of the important features of No Lick are:

  • Keyboard: It comes with a Keyboard using which you will be able to play sounds for the music loop. You can either use your computer keyboard keys to play the “Keyboard” or use the mouse.
  • Oscillators: It has three different oscillators which allow you to change the waveform of the sound. You can set the waveform either as Sine, Square, Ramp, and Triangular. Each oscillator also comes with the buttons to adjust Gain, Oct, and Detune.
  • Arpeggiator: This tool can take a piano chord and turn it into an arpeggio or broken chord. It comes with 4 different patterns, a Hold switch, and a speed controller.
  • Filters: It offers two different filter sets where in the first set, you will see the option to adjust Low F, Attack, Decay, Resolution, Sustain, and Release. And in the second set, you can choose between 3 filter types and also adjust Frequency and Resolution.
  • Amplifier: The amplifier can be used to increase and decrease the audibility of sound. You can do that by adjusting the Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release.
  • LFO: This online synthesizer also provides two sets of LFO (low-frequency oscillator). With each set, you will see the option to set Rate, Assign (Oscillator/Filter/Gain), and Depth.
  • Keys: The keys can be used to adjust the Glide on the synthesizer while creating music loops.
  • Delay: This tool allows you to apply a delay to the audio by adjusting Feedback and Mix.
  • Reverb: Similar to delay effect, you can also apply reverb effect to the sound by adjusting Tone and Mix.
  • Mixer: One of the most important features of this online synthesizer is the Mixer. It allows you to play pre-defined loops while creating your own music loop.


WebSynths is another free online music synthesizer that bundles dozens of useful tools like Oscillator, Audio Filters, Audio Effects, Amplitude Envelope, and more. It offers dozens of preset sounds which you can add to your music loop. One of the unique features of this online synthesizer is that it allows you to connect an external MIDI device and play it to create loops.

Some of the important features of WebSynths are:

  • Sound Presets: It offers many pre-defined sounds categorized into Bass, Drum, Effect, Keyboard, Lead, Motion, String & Pad, and Wind. You can browse these categories and add the sounds to your music loops.
  • Keyboard: This synthesizer also offers a keyboard for you to play. You can use your mouse to click on the chords or use the computer keyboard.
  • Oscillator: This one also offers 3 sets of oscillators. In each oscillator, you will be able to configure the shape, supersize, frequency modifiers, frequency follow filter, amplitude modifiers, pan, Convolver, and EQ.
  • BPM: This tool can be used to set beats per minute for the sound loop you are creating. You can set the BPM from the range of 20 to 200.
  • Filters: It has 3 filter sets named, Filter Matrix, Filter 1, and Filter 2. In both the filter 1 & 2 set, you will be able to select the filter type, cutoff frequency, width envelope, delay, attack, and release. The filter matrix allows you to apply the filter to the sound when entering from an oscillator to each of the filter set.
  • Amplitude Envelope: You can use it to change the amplitude of the sound over time. This tool will have the option to change the attack, decay, release, sustain, and hold.
  • Effects: It allows you add various audio effect to the music loops you’re creating. Under the effects section, you can apply compressor, distortion, modulators, delays, reverb, and EQ.
  • Volume: This tool helps you configure the Gain scale, Limiter threshold, and meter.
  • Tuning: The tuning tool will be available at the top of the keyboard. It lets you set the pitch system, start note, key, and the number of pads.
  • Save and Load Patch: One of the best features of this online music synthesizer is that it allows you to save your loops as patches and then load them as presets whenever you want.


AudioTool is actually an online audio editor which lets you create music with different effects, instruments, routing tools, mixing tools, etc. Among the instruments, you will find a synthesizer named, Heisenberg. You can use it along with the other features of AudioTool to create stunning music loops. It comes with oscillators, predefined sounds, LFO, and more.

Some of the important features of Heisenberg are:

  • Sounds: It comes with various predefined sounds like deep bass, high-pitched whistles, etc. which you can add to your music loops.
  • Oscillators: It has 4 oscillators which let you generate more than 40 waveforms. You can also adjust the semitone, offset, and pitch for each oscillator.
  • Filters: The filters allow you to configure lowpass behavior, highpass behavior, control resonance, etc. for the sound. You can also adjust decibels, key, and mix while applying the filters.
  • Phase and Amplitude Modulation: The phase modulation tool will allow you to set the modulation of a signal phase based on the amplitude. The amplitude modulation tool lets you set the variation in the amplitude of any signal.
  • Envelopes: This tool allows you to configure and apply the main envelope, envelope 2, envelope 3, and the pitch. For each of these aspects, you can change the attack, decay, sustain, and release.
  • LFO: These are low-frequency oscillators. You can manually set the rate of LFO.
  • There you will also find some button to adjust Detune, Spread, Volume, Velocity, Glide, and Tune.

It also comes with a modular polyphonic synthesizer named, Pulverisateur which you can use along with Heisenberg. It has 3 oscillators, noise generator, amplitude envelope, LFO unite, etc.

AudioTool is also available for desktop, and you can read about it from here.


AudioSauna is quite similar to that of AudioTool and is a free online audio editor. Apart from providing various audio editing tools, it also offers an Analog Synthesizer. The synthesizer exhibits tools like oscillators, filters, LFO, and more. You can use it to create great sound loops with ease.

Some of the useful features of AudioSauna are:

  • Preset Sounds: It provides various preset sounds which you can directly add to your music loop from the synthesizer. When you choose any preset sound, the entire configuration of the synthesizer will be changed automatically with the setup of that particular sound.
  • Oscillators: There are two different oscillators and in each oscillator, you get volume, attack, decay, sustain, semitone, fine, and octave. You can also choose between 5 different waveforms.
  • LFO: You can use the low-frequency oscillator for the loop by setting the speed, attack, filter, pitch, and waveform type.
  • Filter: You can apply filters to the sound loop by choosing a lowpass or highpass mode, and setting the frequency and resolution.
  • Envelope: There are two types of envelopes named, Volume Envelope and Filter Envelope. For both envelopes, you will be able to adjust the attack, decay, sustain, and release. You get an additional option to set the attack depth for filter envelope.
  • Distortion: You can apply distortion to the sound by setting drive, modulate, and bitrate level.
  • Chorus: This tool allows you to adjust the level, speed, and mix of the sound loop chorus.
  • Keyboard: At the bottom of the synthesizer, you will see a keyboard which you can play using your mouse or computer keyboard to add sounds to the music loop you’re creating. It also allows you to change the keyboard octave and transpose.

This one also comes with another useful synthesizer called, FM-Synth. This one also comes with various tools like envelopes, LFO, master control, etc.

You can read more about AudioSauna from here.


ElectricTelepathy is another website which provides a free online music synthesizer named, “Fluoresynth”. This synthesizer also offers some useful tools to make awesome sound loops. You will see tools like the volume envelope, timbre envelope, panorama, etc. along with a virtual keyboard.

Some useful features of Fluoresynth are:

  • Volume Envelope: For the volume envelope, you will see the option to adjust the attack, decay, sustain, and release in the synthesizer. This way you can modulate the instrument’s sound a little.
  • Master Volume: This tool allows you to control the volume of the sound generated from the entire synthesizer.
  • Master Timbre: The master timbre can help you define the sound quality of different instruments. It allows you to change timbre from 0 to 100.
  • Timbre Envelope: It actually represents the changing level of sound wave over time. You can configure it by adjusting attack, decay, sustain, and release.
  • Tremolo: This tool allows you to add a trembling effect to the sound loop you’re making in the synthesizer. You can manually set the amount and rate of tremolo.
  • Sweep: It can help you control the intensity of the sound filter. For this, you can set the amount and rate by dragging the slider.
  • Tempo: This allows you to change the tempo or speed of the sound playback. You can set the tempo in the range of 60 bpm to 240 bpm.
  • Vibrato: This tool allows you to add a vibrato effect to the sound. You can do that by setting the amount and rate on the vibrato tool.
  • Keyboard: This one also comes with a keyboard which you can play with your computer keyboard or by clicking on the chords.

This one also comes with an additional synthesizer called, Subtractive Synthesizer. This one also comes with a oscillator, filter, volume envelope, filter envelope, etc.

Closing Words:

These are some of the best free online music synthesizer which help you create stunning sound loops with ease. All these synthesizers come with intuitive interface and you can start creating loops in no time. Personally, I like all of them as you can create and play amazing sound loops without the help of any hardware or professional assistance. If you would like to save the sound loops you have created, then I would recommend you to go with AudioTool or AudioSauna.

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