5 Free Bulk Redirect Checker Websites

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Here are 5 free bulk redirect checker websites. These websites take a list of URLs from you and then they show you the redirect result. They check for various parameters like, checking status code, response headers, redirect location, number of redirects, and redirect chain. You can choose the desired browser before starting the redirect checker or you can use your own browser. And not only that, some of these websites also allow you to export the result of redirect checker to a CSV file or any other file that they support.

If you are an SEO professional, then surely you often feel need to check redirects on URLs of a website. Though, you can use some HTTP status code checker tool to do it, but if you want to do this in a batch, then these tools will help you. Also, these online tools will show you more detailed information about URL redirects than just checking HTTP status codes. Most of the following websites are dedicated redirect checker and I have also added some websites which are HTTP status checker.

5 Free Bulk Redirect Checker Websites

5 Free Bulk Redirect Checker Websites:

Bulk Redirect Checker Tool

Bulk Redirect Checker Tool in action

Bulk Redirect Checker Tool(homepage) is one of the best free website to check URL redirects in bulk. It shows the redirect chain, the HTTP status of the URL, HTTP headers, the redirect location and some other parameters. And the best part is that, you can download the redirect result on your PC as a CSV file. This is a dedicated website to bulk check redirects on a list of URLs.

Getting started with this website to check redirect is very simple. After opening its homepage using the above link, you can enter the URLs on its interface. Next, just hit the “analyse” button and then wait for a few seconds. After it has successfully processed the URLs, you will see the final result there. See the various parameters that it shows related to the URL redirection and the option to download that data on your PC.

Bulk HTTP Header Checker

bulk http header checker check redirect in bulk

Bulk HTTP Header Checker is a free bulk redirect checker website that can process up to 500 URLs together. For the URL redirection, it shows domain URL, status code, redirect location, number of redirects, and type of redirect. You can easily obtain this data and then export it to your PC in easy way. And apart from just redirect checker, there are other SEO related tools too like domain authority checker, domain age checker, W3C validator, and more other tools.

Using this bulk redirect checker is very simple. Just go its homepage and then submit the URLs that you want to check for redirect. After entering the list of URLs, you can hit the Submit button and then it will start checking the URLs you have specified. Finally, when it has done processing the URLs, you will see the result that you can export to a CSV file on your PC.

Redirect Checker by Visio Spark

redirect checker by visio spark

Redirect Checker by Visio Spark(homepage)is another free bulk redirect checker tool which is handy. It takes a list of URLs from you and then check the redirects on them. In the final result, it shows the source URL, its destination URL, redirect chain, HTTP status code, number of redirects, HTTP status of the destination URL, etc. You just have to give it a list of URLs and then it will do the rest of the work automatically.

This bulk redirect checker organizes the result in a very simple way and does that all in just a few seconds. After opening the website in your browser, simply enter all the URLs in it and then hit the Go button. Do note that, before hitting the Go button, you will need to solve a captacha and then it will fetch you the URL redirect details which you can analyze. It shows the redirection result in a table form and you can even export it as an Excel file.

HTTP Status & Redirect Checker by Urlitor

HTTP Status & Redirect Checker by Urlitor

HTTP Status & Redirect Checker by Urlitor is yet another free redirect checker tool that you can use. It can check up to 150 URLs for redirect status and shows other details too. It lets you see the HTTP status of the source URL, HTTP status of the destination URL, number of redirects, and response time quickly. Also, it lets you specify a browser to check the redirect on the specified URLs. Not only that, but after it has processed the result, you can download the report as a CSV file on your PC.

Go to the homepage of this tool using the link above. After that, paste the URLs (not more than 150) in the box you see on its interface. Next, hit the Submit button and then you will see that it will start processing the URLs one by one. Finally, when it is done fetching the details, you will see the URL redirection details. You can analyze them and change the view as it supports the multiple type of views to show you the data. You can either see the report in spreadsheet view or you can see the same data in table view.

So, switch to the view of data according to your needs and when you want to download the report on your PC, just click the download button from the top side of the table. It will give you a CSV  file that you can save on your PC.


htt status code checker httpstatus io

HTTPstatus.io is actually a website to bulk check HTTP code for URLs, specified by you. But if you just want to check the redirect on URLs, then you can use it. This is a simple website for you to easily check redirect status and number of redirects on a certain list of URLs. In the redirect report, you can see the HTTP redirect code and number of redirects associated to the target URL. And after analyzing the redirect data, you can export it to a CSV file easily.

To check redirects on multiple URLs using this website is very simple. Submit the target URLs that you want to check on its interface. After that, start the process by clicking on Submit button and within a few seconds it will present you with the URL redirection report which you can visualize and export to your PC. However, in the result, you can only see status code and number of redirects. For more detailed report, you can use above mentioned tools.

The Verdict

These are some of the best free bulk redirect checker websites that you can use. With all the websites I have mentioned, you can easily check redirect status of multiple URLs in one go. All of these websites will help you get the URL redirect result in a few seconds. Personally, I think that Bulk Redirect Checker Tool and HTTP Status & Redirect Checker by Urlitor are the best tools in this list for checking redirects. And if you want, you can use other tools as well.

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