Chemistry Search Engines to Find Information About Chemicals

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The blog post speaks about Chemistry search engines to find information about chemicals. Here, I’m wrapping a few websites that help you to find relevant content about Chemistry. You can read the definitions, find the list of chemical formulas and other content in one place. Once you enter a keyword or custom words in the search engine, it displays result in a row that belongs to multiple resources. Then, you can visit those resources for more information.

There are several topics which you can go through, e.g., chemical compounds, fine chemicals, custom carbohydrate synthesis, elements, reactions, botany, chemistry, chemical technology, computer science, data of Chemistry, chemistry books and much more.

A few of these websites let you find content related to other subjects such as society and culture, science and technology, health, finance, etc. You can use these search engines in order to get details related to chemicals in one place. I have covered an article where you can find Math search engines to find equations and other terms related to Math subject.

But here, first, let’s read about Chemistry search engines.

1. WWW Chemistry Guide

Chemistry search engine

WWW Chemistry Guide is one of the best Chemistry search engines. The search engine shows you information regarding Chemistry from around 250 resources.

After opening the website link, you will see a few topics on the homepage. The search bar is also very helpful to find the relevant information. You can search for specific information, formula, chemical compounds, elements, reactions, or other data of Chemistry, etc. The search engine is helpful to provide you information from different resources.

There are topics to read that belong to general Chemistry, history of Chemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemical dictionary, etc. The search engine lets you sort the displaying results. You can find the information about chemistry on the basis of 10 top websites. Since this specific search engine shows you results from several websites so you can narrow your result on the basis of newly added websites in order to the content of the fresh websites.

2. Organic Chemistry Portal

Chemistry search engine

Organic Chemistry Portal is another chemistry search engine in the list. When you open the website, it shows the main categories on the left. You can read about organic reactions, chemicals, abstract, chemistry books, etc.

The search bar helps you to find information regarding Chemistry. You can directly type custom words or the key phrase in the search engine. After this, you can customize the result by setting 10 results per pages. Also, you can view result 20, 50, 100 per page. You can narrow down your result by sorting them with a category as well.

3. Wolfram Alpha

Chemistry search engine

Wolfram Alpha can be good chemistry search engine among all. The site typically lets you search for Mathematics, Society and culture, science and technology, etc. When you enter a keyword in the search, it shows the details in a row which are related to the Chemistry.

In the section called Science and Technology, you can look for multiple topics like Physics, Chemistry, Computational Sciences, Life Science, etc. There you can find a category named Chemistry. The search engine lets you read about chemical compounds, elements, Ions, Chemical reactions, Cheminformatics, functional groups, etc. Each topic as a definition with a list of examples. You can read step by step chemistry as well.


Chemistry search engine

OAJSE is an online Chemistry search engine to find information regarding Chemistry. The site has a large number of topics to search. There are topics such as agriculture, animal science, botany, chemistry, chemical technology, computer science, dermatology, geology, linguistics, science, etc.

You can go to the subject of Chemistry or chemical technology. Once you click on that specific category, it shows several links below. Each topic has hundreds of categories. You can go and click any of the topics to read. The chemistry section has around 70 topics. And each link belongs to different websites. In this way, you can find information about chemistry from multiple resources in one place.

5. R&D Chemicals

Chemistry search engine

The website named R&D Chemicals can also be used as Chemistry search engine. The site has all the details about Chemicals. You can read random topics.

The list includes topics such as organic building blocks, compound libraries, fine chemicals, custom carbohydrate synthesis, etc. These topics belong to the same site. You can go through the database as it is helpful to further your queries regarding chemistry.

To find other topics, you can use the search bar. When you can enter the keyword in the search bar, it shows various results. Each page contains 10 results per page. You can jump to more pages in order to find more content related to chemistry.

6. PubChem

Chemistry search engine

PubChem is another Chemistry search engine to find information regarding Chemistry. When you open the website, it shows a search bar in the middle. You can enter custom words, then it shows the relevant result related to that specific word.

As you can see in the image above, it shows results on the basis of the keyword which I entered. Also, you can read the summary, similar structure, related records, etc. You can view the drawing and other structures as well.

In brief

The search engine is a simple and smart way to find all the information in one place. Though you can search for chemistry topics on the Internet. But for that, you have to visit different sites for the quest. Using the above-mentioned search engines, you can look for multiple chemistry topics just in one single place.

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