5 Free Radio Apps For Android

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Here, are 5 Free Radio Apps for Android that help you listen to any of your favorite radio programs irrespective of the place or time. You can enjoy music and NEWS on the move without having to carry a separate device for the same.

Get the required Android Radio App in your Android powered cell phones and start enjoying unlimited fun.

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is a popular Radio App for Android which gives you plenty of options such as personalized radio on your mobile phones if they run on Android. Apart from allowing you to create personalized stations as per your interests, various expert-programmed radio stations are made accessible by this Android app.

Once you download the Slacker Radio from the Android market, you can follow the simple on-screen instructions to install it successfully. All you need to start enjoying the music is a Wi-Fi connection. Connect the device to the network and open the Android Radio app. It will help you find the expert-programmed stations and will also help you customize a personal station which contains all your favorite songs.

Pandora Internet Radio

Pandora Internet Radio is one of the best free radio apps for Android that enables you to create your own channels to start enjoying your favorite music. This can be done by searching for music based on your favorite artists or genre.

Once you select your favorite channels you can start enjoying unlimited music. With optimized database inserts, you get access to a wide variety of music. Install free radio app for Android right on your Android powered device and start having all the fun.

Digitally Imported Radio

The beats that you heard from the hand programmed radio channels of Digitally Imported streams can now be listened to directly from your Android device. Digitally Imported Radio app for Android can play electronic music for you with your Android smart device.

Different genres, exclusive music shows, etc. can be grabbed into the smart phone using the Digitally Imported Radio app for Android. Music streaming in the background, favorites folder, external controls to control audio and styles list to pick up the required channels are other major features of the app. Start enjoying this one of the best free Radio Apps for Android after easy installation.

Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio is another impressive Radio App for Android which helps you enjoy the radio even when you travel around the world. You can listen to alerts from the Police and Fire departments, also various other vital information through the radio stations.

You can use the GPS connectivity and tap on “Near me” option to scan and find the radio repeaters that are around you. This feature helps you enjoy the radio wherever you’re. You also have options to browse by area, genre, custom scanner and configured alerts. The installation and usage of this highly informative free Android radio app is quite simple which adds to its popularity.

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MBC Radio Mini


MBC radio mini is yet another one of the best free radio apps for Android available in the Android market to help your smart phones excel in this competitive world. You can listen to the radio, also send messages with the help of MBC mini to your favorite radio programs. Another impressive feature is its ability to stream inside-the-studio videos, which will give, a unique radio experience.

Installation of this free Radio Android app is easy, and you can start enjoying the radio stations by connecting the device to the network. You can do this with the help of your ISP or even using Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can also check some Software that lets you record internet radio reviewed by usHence, these are some of the free radio apps which help you listen to the various radio stations. They help you stay tuned with the advancements around you as radio stations are always informative along with the entertainment that they provide. Get one of the free Android radio apps on your mobile phones or tablet PCs that run on Android and start to enjoy unlimited entertainment packed with lots of information. Check some more amazing Android Apps reviewed by us. They are awesome!

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