5 Free Jigsaw Puzzle Games for Facebook to Challenge yourself

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This article covers 5 free jigsaw puzzle games for Facebook which lets you solve puzzles and challenge yourself. Jigsaw puzzles are quite popular among users as they are as challenging as you want them to be. All age group people can play these games. Kids love these as well as adults. It helps kids recognize patterns and help them solve puzzles. Most of the jigsaw puzzles will let you choose how many pieces you want to have in the jigsaw puzzle that you are playing.

All the jigsaw puzzles have beautiful images that you can use in the puzzles. Some of the games will also let you use your own images as jigsaw puzzle. Let’s look at these free jigsaw puzzle games for Facebook below.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is a free jigsaw puzzle game for Facebook. When you start with the game you will get various puzzles that you can play like famous paintings, animals, nature, and architecture. Choose any category you like and all the puzzles in that category will open up. Select the one which you want to play out of them. When you select a puzzle, you will get a pop up window asking you how many pieces puzzle game you want to play. Your options would be 35, 70, 140, 280, and 630 pieces. Each puzzle offers you different number of coins and stars.

You can also choose if you want the puzzle pieces to be static or ones that you have to rotate to fit them. Obviously the ones which can be rotated will make the puzzle more challenging. When you are done choosing the puzzle it will open up, as shown in the screenshot above. The puzzle pieces would be given on the right side of the screen, which you will have to hold and drag on the blank screen in the center. You also have to option to view the original picture that you are making, through the eye icon given. You can also choose to play in full screen mode by clicking the icon for the same in the bottom right corner.

The three horizontal line icon at the bottom will give you options to turn the background sound and music on or off. You would also be able to change the background image of the jigsaw puzzle. Ones you complete one jigsaw puzzle you will be shown the stars and coins you earned and you will get an option to continue on to the next puzzle. You will also get an option to share this puzzle with your friends or post your progress to your Facebook timeline.

Jigsaw World

Jigsaw World is a free jigsaw puzzle game for Facebook. In this game you will have the game open in front of you as shown in the screenshot above. The pieces of the puzzle are all given on the screen, now you have to arrange them to form a image. The image which you have to form can be seen from the top of the screen. There are lots of options present at the top of the screen.

The first option in the toolbar is to choose a different jigsaw puzzle from the one that has been given to you. The second option is to play a jigsaw puzzle using your Facebook photos. The third option is to play in full screen mode. The fourth option is to arrange the selected pieces automatically. The fifth option is to arrange all the loose pieces around the edges of the screen. The sixth option is to show a transparent image in the background to act as your guide while solving the puzzle. The seventh option is to show the pieces tray window. The eight option is to show the image preview window. The ninth option is to pause the clock that shows the time it took you to solve the puzzle.

You can select the shape and size of the pieces as well. You can have small, medium, or large size pieces. As for shape you can have square, jagged, or wavy shaped pieces.

Jigsaw World Cruise

Jigsaw World Cruise is a free jigsaw puzzle game for Facebook. This game takes you on the tour of the world. The game has different levels which you have to clear by solving the jigsaw puzzles. The game starts with easy puzzles with less pieces in the initial couple of levels. After that the game becomes more challenging with more pieces and the pieces need to be rotated to fit as well. There is also a timer which is running to let you know if you will get any bonus or not. You get speed bonus, time bonus, combo bonus, etc.

After a few levels you will get level targets which will be to complete the game in a given amount of time to earn more points. You will also get hints to help you solve the puzzle. You can share your high scores with your friends on Facebook and you can also share the game with friends.

Jigsaw Puzzle+

Jigsaw Puzzle+ is a free jigsaw puzzle for Facebook. The interface of the app will look like the screenshot above. When you start the app you will get a pretty simple interface. You get three options to choose from my images, color pencils, and by the ocean. Each of these three options have lots of images which you can choose as your jigsaw puzzle. Once you open an image it will open up in your window and then will divide into small pieces which you will have to join back together.

The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle will be on the right side of the window. They have to be dragged towards the center of the screen and placed on the blank area. The game gives you a menu on the left side of the game window. The eye icon will show you the preview of the image that you are making. You can also go full screen in this puzzle game. You also get the option to share the game with your friends.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles is the fifth jigsaw puzzle game in this list. In this game when you start this app you will get a play button on the home screen. Click the play button to be taken to the categories page. Here you will see lots of puzzle categories listed. Scroll through them, these categories you see are mix, animals, wild animals, great nature, fruits, inspiration, waterfalls, statues, city streets, flags of America, etc. Choose any of the categories you like and the puzzle contained with in that category will open up. Each category will have multiple puzzles in it. Select the number of pieces in the puzzle and start playing. The puzzle window will come in front of you as shown in the screenshot above.

The settings on the left side will let you change the language of the game and control the background music and sound. You can also change the background image of the game. Puzzle pieces shape can also be changed from here. You can download all the puzzles through the options as well. You can always preview the image that you are making by glancing on the menu on the right side.

These are the 5 free jigsaw puzzle games for Facebook which  you would like playing. All the games are pretty laid back and can be enjoyed by anyone. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is the one which I liked the most. Apart from having high definition images as puzzles you can also use your own images to make jigsaw puzzles. So give these games a try and see which ones you like the most.

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