5 Free Android Browser with built-in VPN

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This article covers 5 free Android browsers with built-in VPN. Having a browser with VPN, you don’t need a dedicated VPN app. You can simply open the browser, enable the VPN with one tap, and surf the Internet Anonymously. These apps covered here enable VPN connection for themselves only without tunneling the whole device, so, none of your other apps gets affected by this.

The first Android browser covered in this article is a privacy-focused browser that offers many useful features with customizations. The rest of the browsers are just regular web browsers with built-in VPN service. With these browsers, you can easily browse the web without showing your IP address and access the blocked websites in your region. So, let’s check them out.

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5 Free Android Browser with built-in VPN:

Tenta Browser

free Android browser with built-in browser

Tenta Browser is a free featured-pack browser for Android that has built-in VPN and ad-block. Unlike any other browser, Tenta has a VPN Zone feature that allows you to create multiple zones each connected to a different VPN server. In each VPN Zone, you can open any number of tabs and switch VPN server as well. All the VPN Zones you create in this browser stay open permanently unless you set a timeout or delete them manually. This browser has free unlimited browser-only VPN and also offer VPN to tunnel whole device under monthly subscriptions. The built-in VPN is based on OpenVPNTM protocol and offers many server locations.

Another unique feature of this browser is called Smart Incognito Mode. This feature allows you to set medium, standard, and maximum privacy for the incognito sessions. You can also create custom Smart Incognito Mode where you can enable any or all of the following options: VPN Browsing, Secure DNS over TLS, Do Not Track, Block Ads, Private Search, and Delete Tabs on Exit.

Here is a list of main highlights of this free Android browser:

  • Built-in VPN
  • Create VPN Zones with Timeout
  • Built-in Multimedia Vault with PIN or FingerPrint lock
  • Mask browser to disable screenshot
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • QR code scanner
  • Search widget and more

Download this free Android browser with built-in VPN here.

Aloha Browser

free VPN browser for Android

Aloha is a free Android browser with built-in VPN. This browser has a simple one-tap option to connect to a VPN network. When you open this browser, you get this VPN option left to the search bar on the homepage. Initially, this option is black in color which means the VPN is off. Once you tap the option, it turns green and connects to the VPN. You can discount simply by tapping on this option again. This browser doesn’t have any option to change the server.

Apart from the VPN, this browser also has an ad-block feature which you can enable/disable from the settings. It also has a built-in media player that can play all multimedia files along with VR content.

You can download this free Android browser with built-in VPN from here.

Unblock VPN Browser

free android browser with built in VPN

Unblock VPN Browser is another free Android browser with built-in VPN. This is just a regular internet browser that doesn’t have any exciting or unique feature apart from the VPN. The VPN option sits in the address bar left to the Reload/Close button. When you tap on that option, it shows you two server location, United States and Netherlands, along with an option to disable the VPN. You can simply select any of those locations which turn on the VPN.

Here is the link to download this free Android browser with built-in VPN.

VPN Proxy Browser

free android browser with built in VPN

The next free Android browser with built-in VPN is VPN Proxy Browser. This is yet another simple web browser that offers a one-tap VPN connection. Unlike Unblock VPN Browser, it has support for multiple tabs along with options to clean history, cache, cookies, and web storage. When you open this browser, it automatically connects you to the best available server. It doesn’t give you an option to choose the server but you can change the location from the menu. When you change the location, this browser reloads and connects you to a new VPN server.

You can download this free Android browser with built-in VPN here.


free VPN browser for Android

Orbot is a VPN with Tor. This is not a web browser, instead, it’s a VPN app that can connect any set of apps on your device to a VPN via the Tor network. From the main screen of this app, you can select Tor-Enabled apps for which you want to use a VPN connection. This way, you can enable VPN for any web browser without tunneling your whole device. This app also has an option to tunnel the whole device in case you want that.

In terms of the VPN network, this app gives you a wide range of locations to choose from. In case your mobile network blocks Tor, Orbot offers “Bridge Server” as an alternative. With that said, this gives you options to directly connect to Tor, connect through community servers, connect through cloud servers, or Bridge Server if all else fails.

Download Orbot to enable VPN mode for any browser from here.

Closing Words:

These are the free Android browsers with VPN. With these browsers, you don’t have to rely on a standalone VPN app. You can simply use the VPN in the browser without tunneling the whole device. Give them a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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