Find Synonyms In Google Docs Based on The Similarity of Entered Word

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Writefull Thesaurus is a free Google Docs add-on to find synonyms of any word within Google Docs document. The unique feature of this add-on is that it shows synonyms based on the similarity of the entered word. That means, the synonyms that are quite similar to the entered word are visible on the top in the search result and so on. The add-on uses artificial intelligence approach using which it automatically calculates the similarity of synonyms for the searched text. This makes it different than other similar servicesextensions, etc. This will help to select the synonym that would be best to use in place of the entered text or word.

This Google Docs add-on provides a separate sidebar that helps to find synonyms of any word within the opened document. All you have to do is write the text and press enter to get the synonyms. The search results are also visible within the sidebar. For each synonym, it shows a bar that indicates how close that particular synonym is to the entered word.

get synonyms of the entered word

The screenshot above shows the sidebar of this add-on where you can see a word and synonyms of that particular word. The sidebar also stores the history of all those words that you have searched previously.

How To Find Synonyms In Google Docs Based on The Similarity of Entered Word Using This Add-on?

Step 1: Use the link to access homepage of this Google Docs add-on and install it. You need to login to your Google account to install it. It will open a new Google Docs document and will ask your permission to run. Use Continue button and give the permission so that you can use this add-on.

use continue button to let this add-on run
Step 2: Once you have installed this Google Docs add-on, you can access it from the Add-ons menu available on the top. Click on Add-ons menu, then access WriteFull Thesauraus, and click Open.

open writefull thesaurus using addons menu

Step 3: Writefull Thesaurus sidebar will open on the right side. It is very simple to use. The sidebar provides only three options:

  • A Search box using which you can enter the word whose synonyms you want to find.
  • A paste from text option: Using this option, you can first select a text from the Google Docs document and then click this option. This will automatically add the selected text in the Search box and provide synonyms. This option is not so useful, but can be tried.
  • A Previous searches option: This option provides a drop down menu that contains the history of previously searched text.

Writefull Thesaurus sidebar

Enter a particular word and synonyms will visible based on the similarity of the entered word. You can select any synonym or use paste option available for that synonym to enter it in the document.

The Verdict:

This Google Docs add-on does the same task that many other services already do: find synonyms of words. But it has a unique feature that I like a lot. Synonyms are presented based on the similarity of word that you have entered. This makes it better to use as you can get synonyms that will be best fit for you.

Get this add-on.

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