Free Tool to Scrape Images off Twitter, Amazon, Google, Instagram

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Webpecker is a free tool to scrape images from Twitter, Amazon, Google, Instagram. Here it lets you bulk scrape images from the aforementioned sites automatically. You just run it on any of those websites and it will start scraping images and you can stop it anytime. It runs indefinitely until you stop it. In the end, when you stop it, you can download the scraped image data in a ZIP file.

If you like collecting images from the internet for various purposes then Webpecker is a new tool that is fast, simple, and can save thousands of images in just a few minutes. We have covered image downloaders but they work on specific websites only. But this extension here works on 4 popular websites and there will be more in the coming days.

Scrape Images off Twitter, Amazon, Google, Instagram

How to Scrape Images from Twitter, Amazon, Google, Instagram?

Start by installing the extension from chrome web store. After that, you can simply start using it on the supported sites. The good thing is you don’t have to create an account to use it.

Webpecker UI

So open Twitter or Amazon. Click on the icon of this extension from the toolbar. Start it and then it will go through the images and will save them.

Webpecker on Twitter

Same thing you can do on Amazon listing page. Or you can activate it on faltered search results of the Amazon website. It will take some time so be patient and keep tracking the progress.

Webpecker on Amazon

Once done, it will show you download options to save the scraped data that is images in case of this extension. So, download the scraped data in the format you like. For now, it offers ZIP, Excel, and Text formats.

Webpecker in Action

In this way you can use this scraper to collect images from the sites it supports. For now, it only supports 4 websites but in the later updates there will be more as evident from the comment of the author of this extension.

Closing thoughts:

If you are looking for a quick images scraper for Twitter, Google, Amazon like sites then you are at the right place. Just try this simple Chrome extension and download thousands of images from the internet. You can convert the collected images into a dataset and do research or train AI models.

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