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Palette Creator is a Free color palette generator to generate color palette from any image. This tool is actually a Chrome extension. Instead of showing you a default color palette or picking a color from webpage to add in the color palette, which many other similar Chrome extensions do, it generates a color palette from any online image. So, the color palette will include only those colors that are available in the selected image.

You can also choose how many colors (8, 16, 24, 32, or custom) you want in your color palette. When the color palette is generated, you can see the colors associated with the image and hexadecimal code for each individual color. You can copy a particular hex code or copy all the color codes in a single click.

Apart from showing you HEX values of colors, you can also switch to view RGB values, Lab color space, XYZ color space, LCH, CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) color space, HSL, HWK, and HSV values. So, this Chrome extension has some fantastic features, which other tools or extensions rarely have.

Palette Creator- generate color palette from any online image

Above you can see a 16 color palette generated by me from an image using this extension.

How to Generate Color Palette from an Image?

This free color palette generator Chrome extension is extremely easy to use. You need to install this Chrome extension and then it will be ready to serve you.

Open an online image; doesn’t matter if it is on a webpage or a part of Google Images search. After that, right-click on that image and you will find Palette Creator option. Accessing that option will explore more options. Now you can select how many colors you want in the palette or you can set custom size for color palette.

create color palette

Do note that the color palette is generated based on the total number of colors available in that image. For example, if there are only 5 colors in the image and you have selected 16-color palette, then only 5 colors will be visible in the output palette.

After generating the color palette from an image, you can see the colors separately and hex code associated with each individual color. To switch to RGB, HSL, or any other color value, you can click on SETTINGS option.

switch to other color value

To copy all the codes, use COPY button. If you want to generate and download palette file (palette.gpl), then you can use DOWNLOAD button.


This Chrome extension is handy when you want to quickly find out the color values available in an image or when you want to use the colors of an image for your home’s interior and/or exterior. You can easily grab the color codes and then use those colors anywhere you want.

Get this Chrome extension.

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