Create Table of Contents for Files Changed in Any Pull Request in GitHub

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Here is a free Chrome extension to create table of contents for files changed in any pull request in GitHub. It is named as “GitHub Diff Explorer“. By default, when you access “Files Changed” tab under a particular pull request of a GitHub repository, you need to scroll down the page to find and access a particular change. This is not a good option when there are a lot of changes, say 10, 20, 30, etc. In such case, this Chrome extension is gonna help you a lot.

For any pull request, it provides its own file explorer/navigation pane on the left side on GitHub page. That file explorer shows the list of all the changes made in different files, just like table of contents for some eBook, document, etc. Clicking on a particular change will bring that file change in front of you on the right part of GitHub. As a result, you don’t have to scroll down the GitHub page to go to that particular change.

table of contents for pull request files changed created

In the screenshot above, you can see the table of contents for files changed in a particular GitHub pull request. If files, under which changes are made, are available in a particular folder, then it shows the tree structure for that particular folder (from parent to target folder) and then the list of files for files changed is provided.

Now see the screenshot below without this extension. As you can see, there is no table of contents. As a result, user need to scroll down the page manually to find a particular change.

no table of contents available

Using This Free Chrome Extension To Create Table of Contents for Files Changed in Any Pull Request in GitHub:

GitHub Diff Explorer is a pretty simple Chrome extension. You can install it using the link available at the end of this review. You don’t have to use its icon after installation. It works automatically.

Open GitHub and access a particular pull request where multiple changes are made in files. As soon as you access Files changed tab, you will notice that a file explorer of this extension is available in which table of contents for files changed is created.

table of contents generated automatically

That’s it! You can explore it and click on a particular file change. When you will do that, the extension will present that particular file on the right part immediately and you can see the changes.

The Conclusion:

GitHub users who are following some important repositories where a lot of file changes are present under multiple pull requests, this extension is a time saver. Instead of scrolling the GitHub page to access a particular file change, simply use file explorer of this extension. It automatically generates table of contents for all files changed under a pull request and you need to do a single click to jump to a particular change.

Get this extension.

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