Free x_t Viewer Software For Windows To View Parasolid Files

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NuGraf is a free x_t viewer software for Windows. You can use this 3D viewer software if you need to quickly view and analyze a x_t file, also known as Parasolid file. It has various 3D viewer tools that you can make use to look around a loaded Parasolid file. Also, it lets you edit 3D models to add, remove, or modify components. You can use this x_t reader to view a model in different camera views, scale object, change light source direction, pan object, and do more.

Note: The free version of NuGraph comes with a limitation. When you load a 3D file for viewing, every 5th polygon of the model will be hidden. You will notice in the below screenshots that some of the polygons are missing in the x_t files loaded for viewing. Although the polygons are missing, you will get a good idea about the model. That is why, I recommend this free x_t viewer only for a quick look at models. I wasn’t able to find any other free tool to view x_t files. If you want a better Parasolid viewer software for regular viewing purpose, you can go for a paid alternatives of this x_t viewer tool, like Parasolid Viewer.

Let us quickly take a look at this free Parasolid viewer and the 3D model viewer tools provided by it.

x_t viewer

The interface of this x_t viewer is intuitive and provides easy to access tools on the toolbar available at the left side of the interface. When you load a 3D file to view, it is displayed in a 4 pane window in different views. The 4 views in which a model is displayed are: Top, Front, Right, and Camera view.

For close analysis, you can expand any of the four views. Simply go to the toolbar, and under the Multi Views section, click on the type of view you want to expand. The viewing tools available on toolbar let you move, zoom in, zoom out, and pan a model.

Note: The option to rotate a 3D model is available, but did not work for x_t files. While testing other 3D model formats, the rotate tool worked perfectly.

Another good feature of this free Parasolid viewer software lets you view structure tree of the loaded 3D file.

x_t viewer

Click on a part to highlight it. You can edit, hide, delete, or modify the select part according to your choice while viewing.

This x_t viewer software also serves the purpose of x_t editor. You can add shapes, modify actual parts, and do much more. But remember, as the free version has limitations, the model will be exported with every 5th polygon missing.

A huge list of 3D model formats are supported by this free x_t viewer and editor software. Some of the popular formats including x_t format are: 3DS, IAM, IPT, DAE, DGN, DWG, DXF, FBX, HSF, GEO, IGES, AI, ProE files, SKP, STL, OBJ, and more.

Closing Words:

NuGraf as a free CAD viewer lets you view x_t and various other 3D/2D files. I would only suggest it if you need to take a quick look at a couple of x_t files. As every 5th polygon is missing in the free version while viewing, it is not recommended for fine analysis of 3D models. You can look for a paid solution to view x_t files, or ask your client to provide 3D files in other common formats whose viewers are easily available.

Get NuGraph.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 22 Average: 1.8]
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