Free Tool To Scan PC for Botnet Infections and Remove The Bots

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Quick Heal Bot Removal Tool is a free tool to scan PC for botnet infections and remove those botnets (or bots) if detected. A botnet infected PC can be used by remote attackers for various purposes. So before it is too late, you can try this tool to check if there are any botnets that have infected your PC. If the tool detects some botnets, it kills or removes them from your PC to make it healthy again. This tool is capable of detecting older to latest bot malware. You can also save the scan report for later use.

It is a simple tool that doesn’t need any technical expertise. Like any of the best free antivirus software out there, this software provides quick scan, custom scan, and full scan. Use those options and then it will check if there are botnets that are putting your PC at risk or everything is fine. However, this tool is not an alternative to any antivirus, ransomware removal, or malware removal tool. It has a very specific purpose and that is to detect and remove bots from PC.

Quick Heal Bot Removal Tool to find and remove botnets

Using This Free Botnet Removal Tool:

Here is the link to get the application file of this botnet removal tool. This tool is available in 32 and 64-bit versions. You can grab any application based on your system type.

Execute the application file and accept the license agreement. After that, you need to select the scan type:

  • Quick scan: It scans those areas that are most vulnerable to bot infections. However, this scan might not be helpful to remove the botnets. For that, you need to use full scan.
  • Full scan: It scans all the hard drives and every single folder.
  • Custom scan: Use this scan if you want to limit the search to some specific folders.

select scan type and start scan

So these are the options that you can use with this tool. Select an option and begin the scan.

The scanning process may take few minutes or hours. So, let the scan finish and then the tool will help you free your PC from botnet infections.

scan started

When the scanning is completed, you will be able to see if there are threats. If this tool detects bots, it will remove them for you.

The Verdict:

If a PC is infected by botnets, it can be misused to send spam emails, steal data, etc., without the knowledge of owner. So if you want to clear the doubt or think your PC is infected with botnets, then this tool can be given a try. Just start the scan and let this tool work in the background. It will remove bots (if present on your PC) and show the report. Also, always use a good antivirus on your PC and avoid harmful links, doubtful email attachments, etc., for safety.

Get this tool.

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