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PhotoRenamer 2.0 is free photo renaming software which renames all your photos using the desired date and time format. So, no more confusion with searching for your photos by name as this free software, PhotoRenamer 2.0 can simply help you search for them with the date and time option. Bulk Rename Utility can also be used for renaming your files.

The background texture is customizable with this software and you can also preview all your pictures with this freeware, PhotoRenamer 2.0. This photo renaming software from Tgmdev renames all your photos according to the date and time when you clicked the photo. Some systems allow changing the file name and while some do not. In this case, when you click the photo, they are saved in PIC_120, PIC_121 or IMG_140, IMG_141, in line with the camera settings.  However, with this free software, PhotoRenamer 2.0 you can rename all these pictures in a directory in date and time format at a single click of a mouse. The name format of all the pictures will be changed to DD-MMM-YYY-HH-MM-SS. This is the same way the Advanced Renamer works.

Photo Renamer

There is an option to add prefixes to all the photos with this great free software. For example if you want to add FAREWELL in front of any photo then you can add FAREWELL as prefix to that directory and all photos in that directory will be shown as FAREWELL- DD-MMM-YYY-HH-MM-SS. Now let us show you how to use this software:

First, download the software from and then create a directory where the PhotoRenamer 2.0 will be unzipped. When you download all your photos, click on the PhotoRenamer 2.0 button. When the software is launched click on the browse button for browsing the photos to be renamed and then click on the rename option when photos are selected. After this, all your photos will be renamed in the desired date and time format.

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  1. Hello

    This is to inform you that PhotoRenamer 3.2 is just released ….

    Here are the main changes since 3.1:
    * Thumbnails Display (No thumbnail, Raw Thumbnails or High-Res Thumbnails)
    * Enhanced File Selection (Multiple Selection Filters)
    * Advanced Renaming Mask Edition
    * Automatic Update of File Times based on Exif Data
    * Tool Tips Display

    See it at:


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