Nemo Documents: View Files in Calendar Based on File Creation Date

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Do you want to turn your office into a smarter one? Are you tired of handling a lot of documents every day and looking for a smart document management system for you? Than Nemo Documents is the best option for you. This free file manager helps you to organize your files with a new file managing concept. It organizes all your files in a calendar style and all your files will be arranged by their last edited date and time.

The interface of this free file manager is actually like a calendar, and all your files will appear under their last edited time and date so it’s easy to see the file you were working with last week or month or before that. You will be able to manage your files in the way you manage your schedules in a calendar. This is the most innovative interface that I have seen in a File Manager, and definitely very useful.

Nemo Documents

Nemo Documents is a free file manager for managing your files in an easy way so that you can find your files easily whenever you need them. The calendar like view of your files will help you to find your specific file in a very short time. This free file manager supports a wide range of formats like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, images, video files so you don’t have to think about the format of files when managing them with this software. I would not consider it a Windows Explorer replacement, but I believe it brings a completely new perspective to File management.

Using this software is very easy. It is nicely integrated with windows and tested in Windows 7, Vista and XP. Just go to Nemo Document’s official website and you will find the downloading link on the main page. Once you are done installing it, it will minimize in the background and will monitor all the directories you choose and windows desktop search. You can launch the app anytime by clicking on the icon you will see on the tray menu. It needs to be running in the background all the time, so that it can detect the changes that you make to your files, so that it can show them under correct date.

The file arranging concept of Nemo Documents is completely different than any other file managing software which makes it unique and effective. Searching for a specific file by looking at the calendar is easy. And, you can add filters to get more accurate results. You can filter by specific folders, file type or label. You can also search for your file by writing any text related with the document or inside the document on the search box. Also check out NexusFile, and STDU Explorer.

You can add tags or labels on files to make it easy for the software to identify them. It will be easy for the software to filter them once you have added tags or labels on them. It doesn’t uses too much memory and you can you can also integrate your Google Calendar events with it. And all these striking features are for free!

Try Nemo Documents free. Also check out this introductory blog post about Nemo Documents. [via FreewareGenius]

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