Emerge Desktop: Windows Shell Alternative

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Emerge Desktop is a popular substitute to Windows Explorer. In fact Emerge Desktop provides a lighter interface for those who use Windows Operating system thereby acting as a Windows Shell replacement.

Emerge Desktop is an alternate windows ‘shell’ that effectively does the job of the Windows Explorer. Emerge Desktop does this for various versions of Windows like Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7. Emerge Desktop is an open-source software that is written in C++.

Emerge Desktop, the Windows desktop replacement, comprises applets for each function of the Windows Explorer like Taskbar, tray etc. Emerge Desktop applets are capable of being independently run or by integrating them. Running Emerge Desktop applets together requires the emergecore platform to run in order to integrate them on a single platform.

The important feature of Emerge Desktop is its modularity and user-friendly interface that does not require manual editing. Also check out SharpEnviro, and Litestep.

Emerge Desktop

Working around with the applets can be done in the following ways:

  • The applet settings can be set by right clicking on the applet and using the Configure option from the Menu to change/ Edit the settings of the applet.
  • Press Ctrl key and drag the applets to move them.
  • Pressing alt key and changing the size of the applets by using their borders can be done to resize them.
  • Changing the appearance of the applet like editing color, transparency etc., can also be done.
  • Even if you need to exit the Emerge Desktop it can be done by right clicking on the desktop (background area).A menu appears ,where one needs to select ‘Change Desktop Shell’ option and click on change. Re-booting the Windows will enable Windows explorer. Further the application can also be uninstalled / removed from the system.

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Thus Emerge Desktop is a light and feature rich alternative to the Windows shell. Download Emerge desktop here.

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