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Ciellem Five is a multipurpose application that provides a free text editor, image viewer, media player, Google & YouTube searcher, and a calculator. Name of Ciellem Five suits it as it gives 5 applications that most of the users need on daily basis. You can view images with its image viewer, can create or edit text files with its free text editor, and can use media player to play media files.

It’s a portable application and hence you can run this application from your Flash drive as well. Moreover, it is completely free to use for everyone. But it needs few improvements as using its image viewer, you can open only a single image at a time. And its media player didn’t work for me during testing. It can be more useful after improvements.

Ciellem Five- main interface

In above screenshot, main interface is visible of Ciellem Five where you can see five different applications available to use. For example, if you want to use photo viewer, select Photo Viewer option and hit Choose button. Immediately after this, a new window will open up. To open an image with this Photo Viewer, you need to right-click on it and use Open Picture option.

Ciellem Five- photo viewer

But this image viewer is not effective enough as you need to open images again and again using right-click menu. So here improvement can be done. If you want more feature rich image viewer software, then you can try these 5 best free image viewers.

Apart from image viewer, Ciellem Five provides a text editor. Select QuirePad option to open the text editor window. This free text editor lets you create and edit text files and it is quite similar to Windows Notepad. But QuirePad cannot be an alternative to Windows Notepad as it doesn’t provide options like Print, Word wrap and Replace. But here, you can change the font color which is not possible in Windows Notepad.

Ciellem Five- QuirePad (free text editor)

If you are looking for Windows notepad alternative software, then you can try these 5 best free replacement for Windows Notepad.

Ciellem Five provides three more applications: a basic calculator, Google and YouTube Searcher, and media player. But as mentioned above, media player was not working. So you can try to play media files using Ciellem Five’s media player, if it really works.

Key Features Present In Ciellem Five are:

  • It’s a multipurpose application that provides five different applications in a single interface.
  • You can use Google and YouTube Searcher application to search results of your queries on Google search and on YouTube.

Ciellem Five- Google and YouTube Searcher

  • It is a portable application and provides a free text editor, media player, photo viewer, and calculator.
  • Anyone can use it completely free.


Ciellem Five could have been a nice application if some basic things would have been taken care of. Like, media player should work and image viewer is easy for you. The only advantage that I found is that it is portable and you can put on your Flash drive and carry it around.

If you want to give a try to this multipurpose application, then click here!

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