5 Free Software To Check RAM Usage In Real-Time

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Here is the list of 5 free software to check RAM usage in real-time.

All of these software are very lightweight and helpful to check live usage of RAM right on your desktop screen. Most of these software are also useful to find out CPU usage.

Lets have a look at these software to find out RAM usage in real-time.


Check RAM Usage - RamRush

RAMRush is a valuable software that provides real-time RAM usage data on its interface. Unique feature of this software is that it helps to optimize RAM. That means, if your PC RAM is near about full, you can free some memory in just a single-click. Hotkey is also supported to optimize the RAM. Apart from monitoring RAM, this software also provides CPU usage information.

For RAM, it shows total RAM and available RAM on its interface. It is a very useful and very lightweight software as well. It is only 500KB in size.

You can read its full review here.


Check RAM Usage - LiveRAMcheck

LiveFreeRAM is the easiest software in this list that helps to check RAM usage in real-time. It comes with a very tiny interface which you can even place over Windows taskbar. It continuously shows available free RAM on your desktop screen, like you could see in above animated gif. This will help you find out which application is taking more space after execution, and you can take necessary action accordingly. Free RAM percentage is shown in title bar and free RAM in KBs is shown in main interface.

There are not many features but it serves its main purpose perfectly. Its interface can also be placed on the top of all other windows, so that you can continuously see RAM usage. Its setup file size is less than 2 MB.

You can read its full review here.

Webtile PC++

Check RAM Usage - Webtile PC ++

Webtile PC++ is one of the best software in this list that gives detailed information about RAM usage. This software is helpful to find out Total RAM, used RAM, and free RAM available on your PC. RAM information is provided in MBs as well as in percentage. CPU usage information is also provided on its interface.

It is one of the lightweight software of this list and provides a slightly transparent interface. Setup file size is less than 1 MB.

You can read its full review here.

OSAR Vista Monitor

Check RAM Usage - OSAR Vista Monitor

OSAR Vista Monitor comes with a very simple interface and provides RAM usage data. It helps to find out total available RAM in bytes and used physical memory (in percentage). Apart from this, it is also useful to view total virtual memory and used virtual memory.

Just like many above mentioned software, OSAR Vista Monitor is also useful to check CPU usage. It is another lightweight software in this list that is just 500 KB in size.

Micro Meter

Check RAM Usage - Micro Meter

Micro Meter is the last and only portable software in this list that is helpful to check RAM usage. It comes with a tiny and transparent interface where it shows total used RAM percentage. A bar is also shown to view how much RAM is full and how much RAM is available for use.

This portable software is also helpful to know CPU usage percentage. Its setup file is less than one MB in size.

You can also try these two software to monitor your system performance: InerziaMonitor, and Big Meter Pro.


Among all these free software, my personal favorite software is RAMRush. Although all other software of this list are beneficial to check out RAM usage in real-time, but RAMRush is the only software that can optimize RAM.

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