5 Websites to Learn How to Play Saxophone

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Here is a list of 5 websites to learn how to play saxophone. These websites include various lessons, activities, exercises, and video tutorials for you to get started with how to play saxophone. Most of the websites are focused on beginner and amateur saxophonists to help them get their basics right. However, if you’re an advanced saxophonist then you can refer to these websites to brush up your basics. After all as they say, practice makes a man perfect.

So let’s get started to see how each of these websites is helping you to learn playing saxophone right from your house.

1. MattOtto.org:


MattOtto.org is the first website in this list to learn how to play saxophone. The website has 99 saxophone lessons as of now and the content is provided by Matt Otto who’s the Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies at Kansas University. The landing page of the website will show you the most recent posted saxophone lesson, but you can jump to any lesson using the contents menu at the right sidebar. All of the lessons have a detailed explanation along with PDFs, audios, and videos (wherever needed) for your understanding. All the provided content is free to use for personal purpose.

Some of the lessons are about Spread Triads, Cycle Melody, Whole Tone, Rhythm Changes, Relative Pitch, etc.. Apart from free lessons, Matt Otto also provides Skype lessons for a fee of $60 per hour.

2. RyanFraser.com:


RyanFraser.com is the website to learn playing saxophone which has all the lessons categorized in such an order that you’ll be able to find one matching your level easily. The website is run by Ryan Fraser who is a Canadian saxophonist, winner of Canadian Music Competitions (1995) and winner of Chalmer’s Grant in 1996. All of the saxophone lessons are categorized under Getting Started, Advanced Topics, Fraser’s Silly Rules of Saxophone, and Fraser’s Recommended Listening. You have to choose the category as per your proficiency level.

3. Beginning Sax:

Beginning Sax

Beginning Sax is the website which has the collection of PDF and video tutorials of saxophone for beginners. All the PDF and video tutorial are available side by side with the skill name. Some of the tutorials are Saxophone Assembly, Making Sounds & Getting Started, etc.. You can choose to watch the video and read the PDF file anytime you want.

4. Learn Saxophone Online:

Learn Saxophone Online

Learn Saxophone Online is the next website in the list and the tutorials and lessons are provided by professional saxophonist, Dr. Jeffery Cunningham (D.M.A.). The website has a good collection of free tutorials, but you’ve to first sign-up with it and then click on the confirmation link to avail the freebies. All the tutorials are arranged in the order of the difficulty level with easiest one being at the beginning. The complete tutorial consists of audio, video, and text-based lessons. You can choose to follow or skip any of the lessons. Apart from the lessons, the website also sends useful tips and tricks in your email inbox.

5. Saxophone-Lessons:


Saxophone-Lessons is the last website in the list to learn how to play saxophones. The website has 4 sections: Beginner Lessons, Intermediate Lessons, Advanced Lessons, and YouTube videos. Click on the section matching your skill level and start following the tutorials. All the lessons provided by the website are text-based except for the ones included under YouTube video category. There are no other options available on the website, just choose your desired category and start learning.

These are the 5 websites to learn how to play saxophone. Give all of them a shot to see which one serves the purpose best for you.

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